Baby Harper:: Hamilton Newborn Photographer

Through my dear old doula friend Shannon at Birth on Earth I was happily connected with Sarah & Matt and their young, energetic family of three little girls.    I’ve had a lot of newborn boys through my doors lately, so I was really looking forward to doing some girly stuff with baby Harper.

I know Sarah might feel otherwise, but the girls were so well-behaved and had a lot of fun hamming it up and playing around for the camera.    I’ve worked with a lot of small children and it was fun to be around a bunch of little girls who just wanted to twirl :)

Harper was a little doll–figuratively and literally.  Once she settled, which was really quickly!, she slept easily through the rest of the shoot and allowed us to create a few different shots.  My favourite shot was one I had been saving for a little girl–and it was the Princess and the Pea shot–pictured above.   For all you beginner newborn photographers–please note: this is photoshopped!  Babies should never be put into situations where one false move or accident could harm them!

For this image I started with Harper just on the one mattress on the bed, then after the shoot I set up the bed with all the other mattresses and the gigantic ‘pea’ and then put the two images together.  Takes some of the magic away, I know, but it’s important that people know I’d never put a baby on top of 9 wobbly mattresses.  And neither should you.

Anyway!  It was a joy working with Harper and her adults and I hope the playfulness and tenderness in this family will shine through their photos.

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Art Bus & Open House!

Every other month or so a bus load of people, literally, arrive at the studios at 270 Sherman Ave N and tour the studios of the painters, sculptors, photographers, and tradespeople who occupy her.   This was the first month I’ve been able to participate and I was tres nervous.

Since I do portraiture, I don’t have ‘pieces’ to sell–but fortunately I have been adding to my canvas collection and was able to display a few things as well as offer people free group photos!  I had a few people in who said it was a treat (and relief) to do something fun in one of the studios–instead of having to think.  I’ll take that as a compliment!  …kinda.

The Art Bus people had a ton of fun dressing up in the costumes I brought–but unfortunately I can’t show any of those images at this time–I need to get their approval first!

I decided to coincide the Art Bus tour with an Open-House for my new space–so after the Art Bus people left I had a few friends and family drop by for wine & cheese and silly portraits, of course!

So I hope you enjoy the photos from the Open House as much as we enjoyed making them and I’ll be offering this fun photo experience at every Art Bus night–so I’ll announce it the next time it happens and you should try to drop by!

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J.D. & Jessica:: Hamilton Engagement Photographer

When I first got together with J.D. & Jessica to go over wedding plans and photography they needed a little convincing about the benefits of doing an engagement session first.   Then lo and behold on the day of the engagements a Diva was born!  I’m glad to say we had a lot of fun and I think it was relatively painless, right guys?

Anyway–so looking forward to this wedding in March!   I know there are a lot of people out there who have been and will be cheering these two love-birds on on the wedding day–so I’m sure it’s going to be a big party!   Definitely a celebration.

Congratulations J.D. & Jessica!

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