Jay & Jackie at the movies…

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Oh man, it didn’t look like things were going to work out for Jackie & Jay’s urban/movie-themed engagement shoot today!  But then suddenly the rain stopped, the sky (kinda) cleared, and all my new equipment worked flawlessly.

It was such a fun shoot–thank to J&J for their patience with me and our 3-hour shoot!

Congratulations guys.


Wyjdziesz za mnie?

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I’ve done a few events with this family now and every one of them surpasses the previous in elegance and style!  It was a glamorous day start to finish and ended with quite the party!

Congratulations Dagmara & Denim!

More previews to come later after the B&G have had a chance to enjoy these first.

Baby Malakye!

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So many babies these days.  Really makes me wonder what all you couples were intently doing about 10 months ago.

Anywho–this is the 2nd son for friends of mine, Amber and Steve, from Port Perry.  Amber was the 1st person I met when I moved there as a 12 year old.  Together we trespassed, learned secret languages to fool the boys, traded ‘facts’ about sex and had lots of sleepovers.  Not to mention walking together through a rough patch of health about 6 years ago.

But now Amber’s married with two sons–and here are some shots from his newborn shoot.

Welcome little Kye!


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I don’t do a ton of studio work–but with some patient friends we shot a great little newborn session inside the studio.  It had the usual challenges – but we got some really cute shots of this really cute baby girl.

And a special thanks to my niece, Anna, for being my assistant for this shoot!

Welcome little Ella!

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