5 Tips for using your DSLR in the rain!

This weekend, being a long-weekend, there will be lots of you out there with family ready and willing to take photos of Easter eggs hunts, dinner with the gang etc.  But…what’s this!  Every day this weekend calls for rain!

Most DSLRs are designed to handle a moderate amount of moisture, be it from rain, snow or humidity, see photo example of how much light rain a  DSLR can handle without needing to be covered up.   At this price point, these DSLRs are often weatherproofed, but NOT waterproof.   Go here for more info on waterproof versus weatherproof gear.  But for point-and-shoot cameras or if it’s moderately-heavily rainy/snowing you’ll want to cover up.

Here are some tips on keeping the important things dry: your camera gear.

1. The easiest solution is drag a family member along to hold an umbrella over your head.  Not the most popular tip, but the quickest.

2. The plastic bag method.

a-for smaller digital cameras a shower cap works really well!   All you need is your shower cap, scissors and a rubber band to secure around your lens.  If you’re using a point-and-shoot (as shown) I wouldn’t recommend using any kind of adhesives to secure the bag to the lens (like electrical or duct tape–the residue it leaves behind will only mess up your retractable lens and give you problems with your zoom etc.)

b-garbage bag or ziplock bag.  Same method as above, but for larger cameras.  Use your lens hood to secure the bag to the tip of the lens.  And use some electrical tape if you’re paranoid.  (Again, the tape should only make contact between the bag and your lens filter.)

I’ve seen people using black garbage bags for this purpose, and may I suggest you purchase some clear garden waste bags instead?  They look less homeless-like and you’ll be able to see through the plastic to your info screen etc.

3. Turning rain-pants into a camera sleeve.

Now this is interesting.  You need to be a DIYer to do this well.   Go here for the full tutorial:http://www.diyphotography.net/protect-your-camera-from-rain-using-an-old-pair-of-rain-trousers

4. Run out to Henry’s and buy a professionally designed and manufactured camera sleeve.   They’re pricey though–running around $60 for a med. DSLR kit and closer to $100 for a larger kit.  (There are sleeves designed for sports photography gear as well but they are, of course, much more expensive.)  There’s a sale on some sleeves at Henry’s right now, by the way :)

Or there’s the thrify version of that called the OPTECH RAINSLEEVE. http://www.henrys.ca/28252-OPTECH-RAINSLEEVE-2PK-18-9001132.aspx

They are sold 2 to a package and run about $8 at Henry’s.

*Note, using any kind of plastic bag, unless it’s the professional camera sleeve, you MUST take care to avoid condensation. *

*But remember!  If you are out in the rain with your gear, covered or not, when you come home you MUST take it out of its rain gear and camera bag and allow it to air dry overnight.  Be sure to include a few little silica bags in your camera bag to help with moisture as well.

Lastly, check out my most recent post that covers some more shooting-in-the-rain questions:  “Is my camera waterproof?”

So don’t let a little rain ruin your long-weekend photography adventures!   Happy holidays everyone.

And be sure to check out my website: www.clairedamphotography.com for my portrait portfolio.


Sweet Saiyaa is 6 months!

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This is the 3rd installment of Saiyaa’s photos–the 1st being still in utero :)

What a cutie!  quack quack, tweet tweet!

Rae: part duex

Some of you may know that I’m revamping and expanding my newborn/infant repertoire and I’ve been struggling a bit being really happy with what I was able to offer my clients.   But over the last couple weeks I’ve had lots of opportunity to experiment and have fun!

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This is baby Rae and since she just lives down the road, she’s becoming my little model lately.  But this shoot was really inspiring for me–because I went with my gut and it turned out really well!   When you’re doing a shoot for free, obviously it frees you up to do what you want, and this is what I wanted!

I posted these on facebook earlier today and the response has been really wonderful!  Hope you enjoy!    And the lesson today is: go with what you know.


The Littlest King: baby Josiah

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This little fighter was born a new weeks early, and should technically be just 2 weeks old now–instead of six!   Like his namesake, little 8-year old King Josiah, he was under a lot of pressure all at once and at an early age.   But as the meaning of his name suggests, ‘the Lord will support’, certainly we can see that it is true!

This was an in-home shoot which is much more relaxing for everyone–so we had a sleeping baby for once!  Yay!  Josiah was a great subject, even though he really disliked not having a soft blanket on him at-ALL-times.

Congratulations mom & dad, and Welcome Home Jiah!

Baby Jake!

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This sweet little guy was a little unsure about this whole rigmarole, but once we lay him out on the sheepskin rug he loved life…and the lime light.

Congratulations Jen & Allan!

Baby Quinn!

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Finally a baby boy shoot!   I might be saturated with baby girls lately, but Quinn’s mama, Sandra, sure isn’t.  Quinn is boy #4!

But man, I am not having any luck getting babies to sleep during their shoots!  Quinn had a little cat nap for about 15 minutes, thankfully, but I still haven’t learned the tricks to get these little people to chill.   Still getting some sweet shots though–Quinn was so good at looking right into the camera.

Congratulations on your fourth little man, Sandra & Aaron!

Baby Ava!

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Like a lot of times in life, things often happen in threes, or fours.  This last month I’ve booked 5 newborn shoots!  (what were you all up to nine months ago…?)

This fuzzy chick is my cousin’s first baby and does she ever carry the family genes!   See my baby photo below.  I didn’t have dimples, sadly, but I share her punk-rocker hair do genes.

Ava was quite the little model too.  She LOVED being in front of the camera and being fused over and changed into costumes; she was cooing and smiling most of the time.  What a ham.

Congratulations Alison & Peter!  She’s a total babe.

This is me when I was little and responded to the nickname ‘Punko’.  To this day my siblings call me ‘Punko’ because of how my hair stood straight up as a baby/toddler–just like Ava’s.  Must run in the family.

This is Alison and I when we were little–dipping our feet into our pool, but with unpunk-like hair.

Jay & Jackie!

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As suspected I had an awesome time shooting Jackie & Jay’s wedding!    We had some great wedding party photos set up and they turned out really well, and we all had a lot of fun.

Thanks for being so easy-going and fun-loving, guys!   It’s been a pleasure working with you.

And congratulations!

Charlie & the Gang

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BABIES!  And three more next week!

It’s giving me a great time working on my lighting and set-ups for babies (and kids).   But every time I photograph a baby they become so alert, and it’s easier to work with their little bodies when they aren’t squirming.  Anyone have any suggestions on how to chill a newborn out?

At this age, they certainly are content being awake, but they don’t like keeping their little bums tucked up into the air.   Oh the dilemmas I find myself in.

Anyway, this is little Charlotte.  She too had a hard time not being stimulated by all the sights and sounds at our house.  But we got some sweet shots….and some hilarious shots of her three old siblings!

Congratulations DeWaards!

Trash It or Treasure It Winners!

Wow!  Once again I was overwhelmed by all the activity surrounding this contest!

Not nearly as many entrants this time, and I fear it’s because of how complicated I made it to earn extra points.   But, live and learn, and congratulations to those who persevered!   You blew any competition you had out of the water!   THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who voted.  It was a lot of fun!

So the winner of the Trash It photo shoot is

the wonderful

Liz McPhee,

from glorious Hamilton, ON!

And the winner of the Treasure It photos shoot is,

of course, the lovely

Liselle Dochstader,

from Mississauga, ON!


Congratulations ladies!   Both of them will have their own private photo shoot with me sometime in the next 6 months.

The Trash It photo shoot will involve just having fun in the wedding gown.  We might go for a dip, canter through a field of long grass, jump in mud puddles…who knows!  Stay tuned… :)

And the Treasure It photo shoot involves creating a more candid, relaxed environment that will immortalize the gown while preserving it (for the most part)!


If you’re interested in booking your own Trash It or Treasure It photo shoot get in touch ASAP!

The first 2 people to email me will

receive 50% OFF

their Trash It or Treasure It shoot!  (only one spot available for each type of shoot for a total of 2 discounted shoots.)

And finally, in case you haven’t heard, every new member to the Wdfotos by Claire Dam group on Facebook, will receive a 15% off coupon towards the portrait shoot of their choice!   But you need to claim it.  Go to my facebook page here and click on the offer icon on the left side of the page.  Or click here and go directly to this limited time offer!

Go to my website for my extensive portfolio and my contact information.  April is already booked SOLID and May is 1/3rd full.  So book today!

Looking forward to an excellent season everyone!


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