Baby Harper:: Hamilton Newborn Photographer

Through my dear old doula friend Shannon at Birth on Earth I was happily connected with Sarah & Matt and their young, energetic family of three little girls.    I’ve had a lot of newborn boys through my doors lately, so I was really looking forward to doing some girly stuff with baby Harper.

I know Sarah might feel otherwise, but the girls were so well-behaved and had a lot of fun hamming it up and playing around for the camera.    I’ve worked with a lot of small children and it was fun to be around a bunch of little girls who just wanted to twirl :)

Harper was a little doll–figuratively and literally.  Once she settled, which was really quickly!, she slept easily through the rest of the shoot and allowed us to create a few different shots.  My favourite shot was one I had been saving for a little girl–and it was the Princess and the Pea shot–pictured above.   For all you beginner newborn photographers–please note: this is photoshopped!  Babies should never be put into situations where one false move or accident could harm them!

For this image I started with Harper just on the one mattress on the bed, then after the shoot I set up the bed with all the other mattresses and the gigantic ‘pea’ and then put the two images together.  Takes some of the magic away, I know, but it’s important that people know I’d never put a baby on top of 9 wobbly mattresses.  And neither should you.

Anyway!  It was a joy working with Harper and her adults and I hope the playfulness and tenderness in this family will shine through their photos.

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