Amy & Harry :: Hart House Wedding : Toronto Wedding Photographer

Well, the day a lot of people have been waiting a life-time for finally arrived yesterday!  One of the only girls in a lineage of mostly boys tied the knot in an intimate and romantic ceremony much to the delight of the generations before and after who rarely have to ‘give a daughter away’.

Amy & Harry didn’t exactly say ‘I do’ in their traditional Greek ceremony, at least out loud, but their grins and eagerness to hold hands said it for them.

It was such a pleasure be a part of Amy & Harry’s wedding–it was thoughtfully simple, intimate and elegant.  Amy’s non-traditional soft-pink dress was definitely a highlight of the day–meeting somewhere between antique romance and modern elegance.   And her inclusion of mementos, family heirlooms and photographs was a special touch that successfully included those who had passed–recently and a long time ago–but who had a part in Amy & Harry’s lives and hearts.

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Congratulations you two!


Jodi & Marc’s Glam NYE Wedding :: Niagara Wedding Photographer

Jodi and Marc said ‘I Do’ in the honeymoon capital of the world last week and they will be hard-pressed to ever forget their anniversary because it was on New Years Eve in Niagara Falls.   What a way to ring in the New Year!

The day started out mild and a little too wet outside–but after the romantic candle-lit ceremony everyone was warmed up with some hot chocolate from the Hot Chocolate Station!  With marshmallows, chocolate shavings and all for making that perfect hot chocolate on a rainy day.  Jodi decorated most of the Crowne Plaza hotel with clocks with their hands at midnight in preparation for the big countdown later that night.

Before the clock struck twelve we ventured out into the darkness for some photos–encountering a few problems trying to evening light the wedding party.  But once we ditched the wedding party (sorry guys!) we were able to create some really spectacular images for just Marc & Jodi.

When we got back the reception was hoppin’ and dinner soon followed after Jodi & Marc did an awesome choreographed dance after their grand entrance!  Everyone had a huge smile on their face watching them dance with a mix of romance and playfulness.

Finally the countdown to midnight was on and after hugs and kisses all around the dance floor everyone joined in on Auld Lang Syne.

From start to finish it was clear how much thought and preparation Jodi (and her ‘team’) had put into everything!   The wedding was such a mix of romance and playfulness–it was awesome.  And as you might suspect, I’ve been to just a few weddings, so I can be a little jaded when it comes to sentimentality–but their ceremony hardly left a dry-eye in the place–it was THAT lovely.    And the incorporation of the kids, Sebastian and Audrey, into the proceedings just had everyone glowing.

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It was very clear that there was a lot of love bouncing around that day–thanks for letting me be a part of it Jodi & Marc!  Congratulations again!

Here’s the link to their engagement photos too!

These dog days revisited…

Only this time, this ‘these dog days’ post actually refer to dogs!   Crazy!

I’m trying out a new genre of photography–pet photography!  It’s going to be interesting to say the least.  In the first day in studio I had a lot of barking, some scratched furniture and a poop on my shag carpet…the dog’s poop.    It wasn’t my poop on the shag carpet!   Sheesh.   I also lost my lunch of pad thai to my new clients because I foolishly forgot to bring treats to bribe the dogs.

But what do you think?   Should I stick with what I know or venture into a crotch-sniffing, barking, marking, pooping market?  Sounds awesome–that’s for sure.

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Baby Elijah :: Hamilton Newborn Photographer

You wouldn’t know it to look at these shots, but we had our work cut out for us getting little Elijah to settle.   Poor little guy was born just before Christmas and was rebelling against being touched, or moved ever again by anyone but mommy!

This is just so typical for newborn shoots–they’re in a strange place and everyone around them is acting weird and taking their clothes off and putting little German Alpine hats on them…it’s just too bad we didn’t get a chance to put the Blue Jays hat on him too.  Next time!

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Stefanie and Phil for a while now!  We shot their engagements & wedding in 2010 here in Hamilton/Ancaster.  Then Stefanie and I worked together just recently on the new look of Claire Dam Photography–as she is a very talented and hard working (and patient!) designer!   Next thing I knew they’d had a little boy right before Christmas!  It’s been a real joy being a part of these important milestones in this young family–and I’m looking forward to what’s going to happen next in the coming years.

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Congratulations Stef & Phil!  You make cute babies!

Also, you can view Stef & Phil’s gorgeous Tamahac Club wedding preview here.

Baby Sarah :: Hamilton Infant Photography

Oh Sarah—I finally got to meet this delightful little suitcase-dweller after way too many months of NOT meeting her.   I can’t say that Sarah is directly related to me, as nice as that would be, but her aunt is my sister.  So…therefore I claim familial rights to her cuteness!

I’ve known her mother, Jenn, for about 25 years now and count her among one of my ‘sisters’–so it was un petite pue torturous when I had to wait all these months to even meet Sarah–since Jenn and her family live up North.  Like, waaaaay up North.  Not cottage country North, not even Sudbury North…in fact, when you hit Sudbury, you’re half way.  Yes, I mean North.

Anyway, I hope you grasp that they live North.   And I hadn’t met Sarah yet because every time Jenn would come to visit I’d be away, or shooting a wedding somewhere out of town or something.  GAH!  The agony!    But all was made well once I got to see them all and have this really fun shoot!  Sarah is at that perfect age that’s AMAZING for photos–she isn’t mobile yet, but she can mostly sit up on her own, she’s responsive to her name and can be made to laugh and smile.  So, it’s great for me!

We even got to spend some time together, Sarah & I, after the shoot, just hanging out on the shag rug in the studio.   I love these shots from her shoot, but probably my favourite time with Sarah was making her really, really laugh as I tickled her and pretended to eat her curious fingers that kept finding their way into my mouth.  Nom, nom, nom…   Ah, my job.  It’s OK.

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Congratulations Jenn, Chris & Noah!

Also–you can check out Jenn’s maternity shots here!

Baby Connor :: Hamilton Newborn Photography

Baby Connor was such a sweet little lamb during his lengthy shoot.  With his adorable ‘do, props brought by mom, and lots of fun outfits to choose from we ended up having a great time posing, propping and tip-toeing around this sleepy angel!

Congratulations Lisa & Mark!

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The Joneses take Hamilton :: Hamilton Family Photography

Whoa–I’m reeeeeally behind in my blogging.  I know there are a few lurkers out there who are getting annoyed seeing ‘Jodi & Marc’ engagement photos as the most recent blog in weeks.  RB, you know who you are–and you’ll really like this post!

So the Joneses are a lot of things: a big family, a young family, a cool family, of British Isles heritage, AND they’re my family!   So even though I was more or less DYING of the flu the day we were scheduled to shoot, I knew they wouldn’t mind my 4 layers of sweaters/sudden outbursts of sweating.  (Ew.  And I might not have been dying…)   We still had a phenomenal shoot–and the resulting feedback was almost overwhelming.  Not sure if it’s because the Joneses are so popular or because I’m so awesome.   Perhaps it’s both.

Sadly, one family member wasn’t able to make it–Scout the dog.   But I’m hoping to get him into the studio sometime soon for his very own shoot :)  Of course.

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