Bre + Josh :: A Typical Weekend :: Campbellville Pine Forest Fun-Shoot

Ah young love.   The good old days when you’d drag a mattress into the woods in your PJs, bring along 87 books and play ‘superman’.

Kinda like the good old days.   Yeah, these things usually only happen in movies…still super cute, right?    Maybe it will inspire you to surprise your loved one with an afternoon in the woods reading…or doing other things.

bre-josh-woods-matress-books-1bre-josh-woods-matress-books-b bre-josh-woods-matress-books-7bre-josh-woods-matress-books-a

This was from a session last year that was a back-up plan for a Chic Critique contest challenge!    It was too pretty to not share though.bre-josh-woods-matress-books-5bre-josh-woods-matress-books-6


Alexandra & Chris | Hamilton Engagement Photography | Bayfront & Locke St, Hamilton, ON

A couple weekends ago I had the pleasure of working with my newest couple, Alex & Chris!

They were brave souls who handled the cold weather like pros.   Although it was one of those days where if you stood in the sun it was cozy, but the shade was miserable.   Anyway, needless to say we stayed mostly in the sun.

These two didn’t need much direction or encouragement to relax and try to be affectionate with each other–it just happened.    And although we chose locations, and outfits, etc. all this loving and happiness here is purely authentic.

And the camera can’t lie.DSC_2504-Edit


The first spot we went to was where Chris proposed–down by the Bayfront on this very bench.    The Bayfront is also the location of their first date. aadiptych DSC_2604-EditaadiptycDSC_2684-Edit DSC_2711-Edit

To warm up we beetled over to Chuck’s Burger Bar on Locke St where they graciously let us take over the resto for a bit!   If you haven’t made the trip to eat here you are doing your mouth a disfavour.   You need to go now.   We only had time to order a GIGANTIC plate of fries, and yes, I helped eat them, but they have a succulent variety of burgers and poutines.  You must visit if you’re in Hamilton or make a special trip if you’re out of town.

DSC_2725-Edit DSC_2760-Edit

DSC_2786-Edit aadipty DSC_2756-Edit

aadiptych  DSC_2846-EditDSC_2803-Edit


Then we played chicken in the street for a while.  That was fun.



And somehow the whole shoot came back to french fries!   I can’t explain it…but french fries are really important to any healthy relationship.  As you’ll see below…


aad   DSC_3008-Edit






Congratulations Alexandra & Chris!

Even though it looks cold in these photos you have undoubtedly warmed the heart of every viewer.


See you in June!

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Emily & Paul :: ENGAGEMENT :: Hamilton, ON

Emily & Paul and I came together through the lovely Charmed Events coordinator Tiffany <3.   Tiffany and I go way back and we’re always looking for excuses to work together and hang out!  Thanks for connecting us all Tiff—we had an awesome time!

We shot all of this at the studio at 270 Sherman in Hamilton.

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This shot was right out of the gate and I knew after this moment that we were going to have a lot of fun in this session.   It helps that we were being serenaded by some dancing minstrels up on the 2nd floor.

Strange things happen around here and I’ve stopped asking questions.

The minstrels left a door open into one of the warehouses I don’t usually have access to so we sneaked in and took some sassy shots in the old stairwells.

There’s a bit of a height difference between them.   Not sure if you noticed.

After a good warm up in our civies we all got changed into more formal attire–and by we I mean ‘them’.   I was still in my jeans.

This is up on the rooftop overlooking a lot of Hamilton.   Paul is from Scotland and besides lulling me with charming Braveheart-flavoured accent, (yes Braveheart could be a flavour…) he was telling me that Hamilton is a lot like his town near Glasgow–only “100x better”.    Good for Hamilton!

Look at that heel kick again, hey?

Congratulations Paul & Emily!  After meeting, working and laughing with you I am so looking forward to your lovely September wedding.  And all the kilts!

(Who am I kidding?   That’s why I agreed to take this wedding.  For all the kilts.)

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Dawnald & Markus :: Engaged! :: Hamilton, ON

Wow–it’s been too long since I’ve blogged.  For a while there the contest was causing me to get behind in my blogging and then I was caught up in just posting collections to Facebook–naughty girl.  Facebook isn’t for collections–it’s for sneak peeks to draw you over to the collection on the blog.

So I’m aiming to post a couple retrospective blogs per week until I’m caught up.   This will take us easily into January–so enjoy the upcoming flow of blogs from me!

Right now we’re going to enjoy Dawn & Mark’s e-sesh at the 270 Sherman Arts’ Centre (where my studio is).   Dawn is one of my oldest buddies–we’ve been friends since we were dorky 12-year olds.  She’s also one of my most hilarious and quirkiest friends–we could fill a dictionary with random words and names of people that have secret meanings just for us.   We just recently reconnected and since I wasn’t able to shoot her destination wedding in January I happily offered to shoot her engagements instead!

Naturally I knew we’d spend most of the session laughing–but I was pleasantly surprised how much time I’d spend catching really sweet, tender moments between these two–and a few butt squeezes.  (Not MY butt…although that would be been nice.)

These first two shots sum things up…


Their dogs–Myou and Bolt are like their babies so we had to spend a good chunk of time with them.   And wow, what awesome, obedient dogs!   I, and everyone who met her, fell in love with Myou–the little fox/red panda.   She’s….prolly the cutest dog I’ve ever met.


Dawn absolutely insisted on getting some fall colours into their shots…so I said ‘Fine. I’ll put you INTO a tree.’  And I did.   This is the upside to working with friends.



I don’t even know how to explain the next set of images…except that they were a serendipitous mixture of their accessories and mine…and that if you know Dawn or Mark then this won’t need an explanation.


We did another couple sets of ridiculous concepts but I can’t bring myself to post them.  You’ll just have to ask Graham Hewitt.


We were lucky that the elevator was operational that Saturday so we took advantage of this rarity and got some sassy shots in the century-old warehouse lift.   Love in an elevator…

And finally, in case you needed one last bit of proof that these two were a) crazy and b) meant for each other…here you go:

Anyway–it’s was such an honour/experience taking your photos, guys, I loved it.    I wish ALL my clients brought dress-up clothes to their sessions…

Alex & Karen’s Engagement :: Niagara Engagement Photography :: Niagara-On-The-Lake

This blog is sadly late in coming–sad because it’s such a pretty post and late because there might have been another session tacked onto this one!

There was a mix-up at one of the wineries we were supposed to shoot at, and after I brought it to their attention they graciously offered to let us shoot in their wine barrel room for free!  It was a great offer, but just not meant to be–and I think we’re all OK with that considering Alex & Karen’s original shoot went so well.

We ended up doing a bit of a tour-de-grape for this session: first to Jackson Triggs to shoot among their finished barrels, then to the little hamlet of Niagara-on-the-Lake to do some wine tasting and finally (and a little out of order) to Ravine Vineyard where we reveled among the vines in their vineyard.

It was such a fun day working with these two–they were so laid-back in the midst of mix-ups and schedule changes and their happy, loving attitude really made this session sparkle.

Congratulations Alex & Karen!

Chris & Lee + two :: Hamilton Engagement Photographer

I’ve known Chris, aka Foster, for a LONG time–since I was 15! Foster and I even shared a house together with a few other friends down on Bay Street in the beloved Hammer.

So when he and his fiance, Lee, asked me to be their photographer I will thrilled to be a part of their new lives together!

Congrats you guys!

First stop at the Baltimore House on King Wm. in Hamilton–definitely a place you kids want to check out if you haven’t already.  By day a Hemingway-esque cafe and by night….a Hemingway-esque bar!  (The author of diuretics.)  There are even signs that encourage the patron to stay as long as they like and write!   Adorbs.

We didn’t write anything…but we did document the start of a new chapter in Lee & Chris’ life…aw….too much?

Lee & Chris told me that they loved winding down at the end of a long day teaching (they’re both teachers!) and lounging on the couch watching their favourite TV shows.   I love a good lighting challenge–so we played around with that concept a little.   I don’t think their mantel at home has ram skulls and angels perched on it, but you get the idea.

After a lovely visit at Baltimore House,  we met up again at Princess Point in Hamilton/Westdale.   There’s a lovely little spot here among the towering oak savannah (yes, it’s actually considered a savannah of oaks!) where we set up the little couch, brought out some special musical instruments and finally got to include the +2 pooches in the shoot!

Congratulations you four! 

Claire + Mark :: Hamilton Beach :: Hamilton & Toronto Engagement & Wedding Photography

I had never even met Claire or Mark when they arrived for their engagement session on the beach–on a really chilly Saturday afternoon too!  So I never know how these things will go having never met the couple–but they were so relaxed and easy-going and in-love that they made my job really easy.

Claire and Mark love camping and canoeing, but since we were shooting on Lake Ontario and it was kind of a miserable day we opted out of bringing along an actual canoe and settled for canoe accessories instead.  (The paddles turned out to be my brother-in-laws that he had been looking for for almost a year and he recognized in the preview shots after I posted them on Facebook…oops!)

My handy-dandy little tent I constructed last year was such a blessing for everyone (except me) against the cool air and wind off the lake.  Even though it’s completely open and just covered with a few layers of fabric I hear it’s quite cozy in there.  Christina, my assistant, even took refuge in the tent between takes.

The pink accessories were meant to be–I was hesitant about bringing PINK to an engagement session, but then Claire serendipitously showed up with a gorgeous bouquet of pink ranunculus!  I love it when stuff like that happens.

In the end the rain held off, the colours all matched and Claire and Mark managed to keep warm…kinda.

Congratulations you two–and can’t wait to see your wedding photos from Tofino!


Kalyn + Chris :: Toronto Engagement & Wedding Photography :: Capsule Music, Queen St W, Toronto

Oh I love Kalyn and Chris.  We had so much fun together last week at Capule Music in Toronto (921 Queen Street West  Toronto, ON M6J 1G3).   They’re both really talented musicians (you can check out Kalyn’s band here) and so it was really fitting to shoot at this amazing vintage music store on the trendy Queen St W in Toronto.

Kalyn did the leg-work and secured the location for us–connecting with the owner who let us in to shoot on a Sunday when the store was closed–so we had the whole place to ourselves!  And wow, if you’re into vintage instruments, specifically stringed ones like guitars and banjos etc, you’ll want to make the trip to Toronto to check this place out.  I’m not a musician myself, but every square inch of that place was like eye-candy.

As you’ll be able to see from the photos Kalyn & Chris are such a kind, playful and loving couple–can’t wait to shoot your happy wedding in September guys!

Yeah, I’ve been saving this shot for a while now…just holding onto it for the perfect couple.  In the end this shot could not have been more perfect.  So intense… so rock ‘n’ roll.  Sigh…love it.

Congratulations you gorgeous kids!

J.D. & Jessica:: Hamilton Engagement Photographer

When I first got together with J.D. & Jessica to go over wedding plans and photography they needed a little convincing about the benefits of doing an engagement session first.   Then lo and behold on the day of the engagements a Diva was born!  I’m glad to say we had a lot of fun and I think it was relatively painless, right guys?

Anyway–so looking forward to this wedding in March!   I know there are a lot of people out there who have been and will be cheering these two love-birds on on the wedding day–so I’m sure it’s going to be a big party!   Definitely a celebration.

Congratulations J.D. & Jessica!

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Jodi & Marc: Hamilton/Burlington Engagement Photography

I have known the lovely Jodi May for, uh, 14 years.   Whoa.   I’m old.

Even though I feel a little worse for wear from the last 14 years, Jodi hasn’t changed in the slightest (jerk) and is still the delightful, talented, stylish, laid-back ginger I knew in high school.

It’s been such a blast reconnecting with her and meeting her Prince Charming—and I am so looking forward to their New Years Eve wedding in Niagara Falls!

Congratulations Jodi & Marc!

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