Stella & Alex: Toronto Wedding Photographer

Sometimes it’s hard taking over from another photographer, but it was a really easy transition for me to work with Stella & Alex–first in the summer when we shot their romantic engagements here in Hamilton, and then this past weekend when we took over Lakeshore Avenue at the Sunnyside Bathing Pavilion.

Seriously Torontonians, have you never seen a wedding party before?    I mean, I applaud your enthusiasm, but, the honking, the hooting and the strangers taking photos of my wedding party…it was all a bit much.  Take it down a notch, Toronto.  Take it down.  A notch.

Anyway!  It was a delight working with a couple that complimented each other so well.   In the busyness and occasional chaos of the wedding day, there was often an oasis of contentment around Stella & Alex when they were together.  It was pretty cute.

Congratulations you two!   So glad Tiffany connected us!

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Sam+Jen + 3 + pug: Muskoka Family Photographer

I’ve been holding this shoot idea in my back pocket for a few months now and I was so pumped when Jen agreed to do this shoot with me for their annual family shoot!  This year it was in Parry Sound at their cottage on Lake Manitouwabing–and the setting couldn’t have been more amazing.  And it sure helped that I had a small antique store worth of fun accessories in the cottage.

I had to find just the right family for this shoot for a few reasons including a willingness to carry around a huge bed just for some silly ol’ photos, and I needed a family that normally spends a lot of time together in a big mass of limbs.

Anyway–so pleased with how this turned out–and pleasantly surprised with how that bed on the beach stayed there all night with another big mass of limbs on it;)

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Liselle’s Treasure the Dress: Burlington Trash the Dress Photographer

Finally!  I don’t need to say much because I can imagine how much Liselle has been dying to see previews from her Treasure the Dress shoot last week!  It only took us 82 emails, about 15 texts, my assistant to babysit, and a few phone calls to make this shoot happen.

So…here it is…enjoy Liselle!  And congratulations!

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Baby Daniella’s Baptism: Toronto Baby Photographer

I’ve had a string of shoots recently where I’ve had the opportunity to work with some repeat clients–and I’ve mentioned a few times how much I enjoy that!  It was just last year that I started working with this family–and since then have been able to shoot two baptisms, a couple engagement shoots, one wedding and three parties!   I’ve had the privilege of meeting three new little people and witnessing a lot love.

Congratulations Denim, Dagmara & Dominik!   Can’t wait ’til we meet again.

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