A real hole in one…

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Oh man.  You know it’s past my bedtime when I title a post like that.

But if I told you that this couple became engaged on the 18th hole of a mini-putt, would that title be a little less goofy?

Congratulations Lynne & Jack!


Liz & Dan’s vintage engagement

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I’ve had so many cooperative couples lately–it’s so fun!   And I think our shoot may have inspired a wardrobe revamp for Dan :)  Thanks for being such good sports, guys, despite the acorn-related injuries.   And you can breathe now, Dan.  It’s over for a few months.

Congratulations Liz & Dan!

Steph & Ryan: engaged at the ruins

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I love it when clients are willing to walk around in bare feet for an hour…and in a silk dress and poorly-tied tie no less!
Thanks for being so cooperative, Steph & Ryan. And we should all learn to tie a tie before the wedding :\

Finally Family!

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Friends of mine, Karyn and Ken have been trying to bring their little girls home for many months–and were able to do so just recently.   I’m honoured to have photographed the new little family at an orchard in Hamilton.

Congratulations Ken, Karyn, Bec & Mitu!

Anna turns 13!

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I was honoured to be a ‘lady’ at my niece, Anna’s, 13th birthday-weekend this weekend.   It was a really special time of sharing and encouragement, and of course with a lot of laughs and fun.  Before we all made our grand entrance into her big party we dolled her up with a new hairdo (thanks to Auntie Claire, aka Auntie Dizzy), and a make-over (thanks to Caroline and Auntie Jen)!

And of course, how could I NOT do a mini-shoot with her before we had to go.  She looked gorgeous and was really brave wearing that little dress in the cold today :)  All for fashion, Anna.

Happy Birthday Anna!  We love you!


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Jim & Sam get hitched!

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I had the pleasure of only briefly working with Jim & Sam at their wedding on the auspicious 10-10-10!   These two were a lot of fun and also really sweet–so it was a great shoot with great results!

Congratulations Jim & Sam!


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This shoot was with a lovely, really happy couple about two weeks away from the birth of their first baby!    We’re going to be following them with a new package: The Baby-to-Bump Bundle!

This shoot was the 1st of their 3 shoots–the maternity shoot.


Kumusta ka?

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Some of you know that I was a midwife for a couple years, and some of that time was spent working in the Philippines with the abundant mothers and babies there.   Every now and then I run into someone from the Philippines who is usually delighted when I speak to them in tagalog (one of the main languages of the Philippines).   In fact, I’m pretty sure my lame conversational tagalog was what got me this particular gig with Kristine and Derek :)

Anyway, the weather was threatening, as usual, but it turned into a gorgeous shoot at Bronte Creek in Oakville.

Congratulations Kristine & Derek!

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