My Charitible Giving for 2012–it isn’t too late for you to donate!


I COMPLETELY forgot that I had to donate before 2012 ended.   Fortunately I was able to make almost all of the donations I had hoped to between 2pm and 3pm on Dec 31st, 2012.    I’m such a goon.

Now I’m not doing this to toot my own horn–I’m doing this to bring more awareness to some really awesome charities in my area and abroad!   And also I believe in accountability–so no secrets here: I give away at least 10% of everything I earn through Claire Dam Photography.

And I want to encourage YOU to give!   There’s still time today or you can donate in 2013–either way most of you Canadians will be eligible to receive a portion of your charitable giving BACK–one of the benefits of being a Canadian!

I encourage you to look for ways to give locally–as well as globally.


List of Donors for 2012

Financial Donations:

Living Rock

“Living Rock supports youth ages 13-25 who are at-risk of falling through the cracks in our community. Living Rock is responding to youth with a variety of risk factors such as poverty, mental illness, addictions and the disenfranchised.  Together with the support of generous partners and supporters Living Rock aims to alleviate the effects of poverty and to provide opportunities for youth to move beyond their circumstances with the right supports in place.

Each year Living Rock Ministries responds to more than 20,000 youth visits.  Living Rock seeks to ENGAGE youth where they are at, through meal programs, food bank and through safe and relevant social recreational programming. Living Rock ENCOURAGES youth through pre-natal and post-natal care, housing, one to one and crisis support.  Living Rock EQUIPS youth for a brighter future through pre-employment and employment programs.”

City Kidz

“We exist to increase resiliency and inspire big dreams for Canadian children living in low-income communities by providing inspirational experiences and nurturing personal relationships, one child at a time.”

Hamilton Victory Gardens (via Good Shepherd)

“Hamilton Victory Gardens is committed to:

Providing local seasonal fresh organic produce to the marginalized community through local food banks and hot meal programs.

Encouraging a sense of community by having volunteers of all ages, and from all ethnic and faith backgrounds and social status, work together for a common cause.

 Reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

 Creating part of the local sustainable food system.

 Fostering the preservation of arable land and, where possible, using non-arable land within the City of Hamilton.”

Good Shepherd Women’s Shelter

“At Women’s Services, we strive to provide a place of sanctuary, safety and support for women (and their children) dealing with issues such as: woman abuse, violence, homelessness, mental health, and poverty. We are privileged to offer programs that provide support, give hope and restore dignity.”

Hamilton Christian Fellowship (my church!)

“We bless the Church of Hamilton in all its diverse expressions,  and  we’re so glad to be part of all God’s doing in our City! As a first priority we seek the Presence of God, and the ministries of worship  and  prayer are fundamental to our corporate life.”

The Home of Joy

This organization is close the heart for my entire family as many of us have visited and lived in the Philippines working with the Filipino people–specifically with those at the Jabez Center.  Currently The Home of Joy is in CRITICAL need for funds in order to keep it’s doors and arms open to the orphaned of the Philippines.

“Home of Joy residential facility located at CGM Jabez Christian Center, Pala-pala, Dasmarinas City, Cavite. The residential facility runs a 24-hour service providing alternative family care to abandoned, orphaned and surrendered children.  They stay until permanent placement is made through adoption or reconciliation to respective families of the children.
Home of Joy ministry started in 1977 by taking care two children from the jail, whom CGM named as David and Jonathan.  To date, about 2,000 children has been admitted and provided love and care. Ever since, less than 300 abandoned children were placed for adoption, while around 200 children were reconciled to their biological parents or relatives.”

Safe Refuge

(founded and operated by my old midwifery supervisor, Naomi)


“Safe Refuge is a ministry to rescue women and children who are victims of the abusive Asian sex industry. Founded in 2007 in Manila, Philippines, Safe Refuge has taken in dozens of women and children in crises, seeking to meet their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. As the only shelter in Metro Manila that takes in pregnant women who already have children to bring with them, Safe Refuge seeks to help the mothers find the healing to start over with a changed life. Meeting medical and pregnancy needs is part of how Safe Refuge helps people through difficult life circumstances on a journey of healing and restoration through Jesus Christ.”


Donations of Time and Talent:

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

“To introduce remembrance photography to parents suffering the loss of a baby with a free gift of professional portraiture.

NILMDTS trains, educates, and mobilizes professional quality photographers to provide beautiful heirloom portraits to families facing the untimely death of an infant.  We believe these images serve as an important step in the family’s healing process by honoring the child’s legacy.”

HELP Portraits

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“Founded by Celebrity Photographer Jeremy Cowart, Help-Portrait is a community of photographers coming together across the world to use their photography skills to give back to their local community.

In December, photographers around the world will be grabbing their cameras, finding people in need and taking their picture. When the prints are ready, the photographs get delivered.

Yep. It really is that easy.”

Hamilton Christian Fellowship (see above)

Jessica & Paul Kwapis–Medical Missionaries in Nepal (my old roommate!)

And LOTS of sessions for deserving families in my area


OK I need to prepare for New Years’ Eve with our friends–I still have to pack my snow-pants and toboggan.   Because THAT’S how cool adults spend their NYE.


And Happy Giving for 2012 and 2013!


Elijah’s 6 Month :: Hamilton Baby Photographer :: Hamilton, ON

Yes!  The latest and greatest blog post is up and on this little man’s birthday.   I totally didn’t mean to schedule it this way–it was meant to be!

(sorry don’t know why the images are all mis-sized!  Looks like amateur hour over here…)

I’ve happily know this wee family for a long time now–I was there for his parents engagement, their wedding, this little man’s newborn photos and then his 6-month photos.   It’s so fun being able to watching a family grow from two individual people into many people belonging to one family unit.   Pretty cool actually…








aadiptych4      DSC_8074-2

Wardrobe change!



We had grand plans to recreate a special shot that we did for his parents’ engagement photos–involving a lot of balloons and a baby floating away in a cradle while mom & dad jumped after him.   It would have been really cute, but alas it was so incredibly windy the balloons knotted, popped and were basically blowing horizontally.   Fingers crossed I get another chance to try again!


I love this series of photos below–the lighting, the evergreens, the blanket–it’s all just sweetness.





Happy Birthday little E!  You are TWICE as old today as you were when we took these photos and I’m guessing twice as cute!


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