The Canadiana Boudoir: Non-traditional Boudoir Photography

Last week I got to shoot a really fun non-traditional boudoir shoot out in the wilderness of Northern Ontario!  With the honest-to-goodness threat of bears (a mama and two babies, no less), and a sketchy boat ride to a wee island in the middle of a busy cottaging lake, this shoot was FULL of excitement and humour.

Many thanks to Jen who arrived nervous, of course, yet was so easy and fun to work with.  Who else would be a cowgirl, Indian, lusty lumberjack and go for a dip in the lake just for some photos?   My clients, that’s who.  (Still looking for couples who want to shoot a zombie engagement session with me, by the by :)

Normally I end with a ‘congratulations’…but in this case, who do I congratulate?  Her husband, Sam?

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The Girls: Niagara Gradutation Photography

I had the opportunity to hit up some sweet locations in Hamilton with these Niagara-on-the-Lake Lovelies.

Yes, these girls are all graduating. They caused quite a fuss with the boys on the gritty streets of Hamilton. “Did I just die and go to heaven?” a passerby asked. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or shoo them away.

Congrats girls! (on graduating…not on the comments from boys…well, that too.)

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Stephanie & Ryan: Queenston Heights Wedding!

It’s not very often that I get emotional at a wedding–but there was something about the electric excitement and joy in the air at Queenston Heights last weekend that got me all choked up!  Everyone was so thrilled to be there–and no one really cared much that it was swelteringly humid and legitimately threatening thunderstorms.

It was a wedding out of a movie: all the girls getting ready together, giggling, hair in curlers, various states of dress and PJs, then later that morning making the beguiling long walk up the aisle with Brock’s monument in the background.  With my amazing 2nd photographer, Stacey Fox, covering me, I was able to capture some precious moments when Ryan first saw his bride making the painfully long walk up to meet him.  Sheesh!  It was lovely.

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Congratulations Stephanie & Ryan!  Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your very, VERY special day.Brock Monument Wedding Photography

Fun with lighting: Part One

Liz was my first very awesome, helpful volunteer who patiently endured my fumbling, “yes, no, yes, no….why isn’t this working?”

And all the thanks goes to the very inspiring Jenifer Sander! 

If you want to volunteer your good looks towards my education in new & exciting shooting/lighting techniques, let me know! And I’m always looking for couples!

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