Eric (heart) Nadia: Brampton Wedding Photographer


Just a quick little post to finally put up something my 2nd photog and I have been working on for a little bit.   It was taken at a recent wedding in Brampton/Terra Cotta and it’s a surprise to the bride and groom!

I enlisted the help of all their groomsmen and bridesmaids to help spell out ‘eric’ and ‘nadia’ (with the help of the little flower girl for the extra ‘i’)!  All the bride and groom knew was that I was taking them away from their party to get a weird shot of just the two of them waving their arms about in a heart shape.  Hee hee…I’m so sneaky.    And thank you to the very cooperative wedding party!

Huge props go to Jennifer Newberry for her assistance in this shoot and for her photoshop skills that put all the images together into one magnificent storyboard.  (And maybe for doing a few little tweaks here and there :)

Congrats again two!


Baby Rae: Hamilton Baby Photographer

I’ve mentioned this before but one of the perks of my job is the ‘continuity of care’ I get to provide to some of my clients.  I get to be there for their engagements, weddings, pregnancies, births and family photos and so on!  It’s pretty cool!

This is one little family I’ve had the privilege of knowing for a while but working with for almost a year now as we worked our way through their Bump-to-Baby package.  The first shoot was a maternity shoot, followed soon after by a newborn shoot and finishing up with little Rae’s 6 month shoot!   And what a frickin’ cutie…she’s been such a doll to work with.  And to top it all off this family has been one of those ‘do whatever you want because we trust you’ families–and that’s kinda nice sometimes.

Congratulations again Rezek family!

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700 Club Canada: Hamilton Head Shot Photographer

A few weeks ago I was called into the CHCH studios in Hamilton to take some promo shots of the co-hosts for the new 700 Club Canada!    You might be familiar with the 700 Club broadcasting from the US–but soon there will be a Canadian version premiering Oct 3rd across Canada.

Select images we got that day will be used in the opener of each show, on the website and in promotional material.  It was such a fun opportunity to meet some terrific new folks and shoot in a new genre.  It will be interesting to see what doors might be opened through this experience!

“The 700 Club Canada is a magazine style program that that blends a modern mix of international news, informative interviews, inspiring stories of how God is moving in the lives of everyday people in Canada, Bible teaching, and lifestyle segments such as wellness segments and financial tips.

The new series will be written and produced in Hamilton, ON and hosted by Canadian personalities Brian Warren and Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson.
Brian Warren, a former CFL All Pro linebacker, is a two time Grey Cup Champion and an ordained minister with the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Warren is also the CEO of Canada in Prayer, the first national Internet- based prayer network.

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson brings her 12 years of experience as a nationally known television show host to The 700 Club Canada.  As the daughter of missionary parents in Uganda, Laura-Lynn is passionate about reaching people with the message of Jesus Christ. An experienced TV interviewer, Thompson has profiled personalities from both the world of pop culture, as well as men and women of faith for the popular TV program, Biography Canada. “

And a big thanks goes out to Todd, Tore, Mike and the TMG Inc. crew for patiently and kindly working with me, and for thinking of me in the first place!   I’d be delighted to shoot for you again someday.

Maeghan & Reg: University of Toronto Wedding Photographer

Maeghan & Reg were late additions to my 2011 wedding season—snagging my skillz just weeks before their September wedding date!  Unfortunately we weren’t able to do engagements before Sept 17th, but the three of us ended up working really well together (no surprise really–they were super cool and I pretend to be cool.)

The ceremony was in Trinity College at the University of Toronto, and wow, that place is incredible.  There were some very specific house rules that complicated things, but in the end it work out really well thanks to my trusty 2nd photog Jennifer Newberry!   We shot around the U of T site, then across the street to Queen’s Park, finally grabbing a cab to find a lime green door the bride had stumbled upon weeks earlier…which turned out to be a white door.  No one said you had to be with colours to be a gorgeous bride.

Congratulations Maeghan & Reg!

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Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep: Hamilton Bereavement Photography

I am so pleased and humbled to announce that after many weeks waiting to hear back, I am officially a part of the NILMDTS family of photographers offering free photography services to families in need.

As part of NILMDTS I will be working in local hospitals with families who have lost, or will be losing, their newborns and infants.   NILMDTS offers free family portraits to these families so that they have just one family photo together.

Their mission statement:

To introduce remembrance photography to parents suffering the loss of a baby with the free gift of professional portraiture. We believe these images serve as an important step in the family’s healing process by honour their child’s legacy.

I really hope you can take a moment to check out their website and read about what they do.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you know someone you think would benefit from this gift.

*photography by Sandy Puc

The Hagens: Hamilton Family Photographer

Being able to work with the Hagen’s was dreamy–it’s such a treat for a photographer when clients take a real interest in the process and put in a lot of thought and effort into the vision.  Josalyn was so awesome with choosing wardrobe for this family portrait, and even volunteering her couch AND husband Ger towards creating some really lovely shots.

Thankfully, the kids really loved Monkey, my one-eared assistant, as you can tell from some of the shots where Monkey’s antics were just too much for them to handle.   Sometimes it’s hit and miss with Monkey–he can rub people the wrong way I guess.  He gets kind of defensive about his missing ear.

Anyway!  Thanks for being such a model family, Hagens!  I’ll be in touch with Ger the next time I need a couch moved.

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Nadia & Eric: Brampton Wedding Photographer

As a photographer, and as a former bride, I really, re-heally, dislike it when my poor Bride & Groom have wedding photos put on Facebook by guests before the wedding is even over!  There are two things I’m trying to implement to deter this kind of activity: the first being to encourage guests to just ‘be present’ at weddings.  Put down the camera and actually witness the exchange of vows, be present to this extraordinary ode to love.   That’s why people are invited to weddings–to be witnesses.  But instead guests are frantic to get ‘the’ shot– Relax!  I’ve got it taken care of!   It’s my job after all.

The second thing I’m implementing is the delayed wedding preview.   Unless I have 24-48 hours after a wedding to put a preview together before the Bride & Groom leave on their honeymoon, I’m starting, with Nadia & Eric, to post their preview once they return home!  That way they get to be the first people to lay eyes on their professional wedding photos before the rest of the planet becomes familiarized with them as well. 

Anyway!  Nadia & Eric were a really fun couple to work with–and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they chose one of the ‘funnest’ photos from their engagement session as the photo guests could sign.  And click here to see their entire engagement preview.

It really was an honour being a part of your special day guys–there was so much love and joy surrounding and supporting you as you started this new chapter.


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*Be sure to check out Jennifer Newberry’s preview from her point of view!

Baby Sloane: Hamilton Baby Photography

I guess it would have been seven months ago when I first met Steph–ripe with a 10 lb baby and ready for her maternity photos.  We shot in studio on King William in Hamilton and had a lot of fun playing around with different poses, ideas and lighting.

And now, seven months later I got to meet little Sloane!  First off, how about that name?  Incredible.  And secondly, how about that squishy little tush?  I love being able to reconnect with my clients as the journey along in life.

Thanks for letting me in and congrats Sparhams!

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The Busy Beerdas: Hamilton Family Photographer

The handy thing about having a trade, like photography or carpentry or plumbing, is that you can ‘trade’ it!   This is the second year I’ve been able to trade family photos with the Beerdas in exchange for electrical work around my house since Tim Beerda is, obviously, an electrician.    Tim is the light of my life.

I took their busy young family to the ol’ Auchmar Estate in Hamilton–where the kids were able to play in the orchard but where we were NOT able to escape the suffocating humidity.   Still, it was an excellent trade and I’m looking forward to next year!

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Denise: Bump-to-Baby: Hamilton Maternity Photographer

Despite the absolutely suffocating humidity that sprung on us during this lovely shoot at Bronte Creek Provincial Park, these photos turned out so dreamy and ethereal.  And I couldn’t have been more happy with the wardrobe they brought :)  Love it when clients do that.

Thanks for being so cooperative and sweaty with me.

Congrats guys!  Looking forward to touching base with you again really soon when baby makes an appearance!

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