Off-Camera Flash (OCF) with Amanda :: 270 Sherman :: Tutorial Photo Shoot


I know you, right?  I think we hung out once…but it’s been a while.  Hope you haven’t forgotten about me!

For the month of March I was the Monthly Mentor on the Chic Critique Forum–and as such I needed to create and share a video about an area of my expertise.  Now, while I do not call myself an expert at off-camera flash (OCF), I am an expert at PARTS of it.   So the tutorial was about the basics of this really fun and challenging skill.

Amanda was my model for the shoot–and was also being filmed at the same time for the video footage–thanks to Mark Van Noord of Airborne Video Productions.I can’t show you the footage–because you need to be a member of the forum to see it :)   There are perks to being a member!

*All of the shots that are side-by-side (the diptychs), are SOOC, or straight out of camera–except for straightening.  I’m a crooked shooter!*   If you want to know specifics about the images–ask me in the comments.  Most of the images were shot using different OCF techniques and equipment.

Anyway–I think I only released ONE sneak peek from this session–so here are my favourites! Enjoy!





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Styling: Claire Dam Photography

Model: Amanda

Hair & MU: Amanda, model

Video: Mark Van Noord of Airborne

Assistant: Maria


Baby Benjamin :: Hamilton & Toronto Newborn & Family Photographer

I was so happy to receive a phone call and email from the Parsons who had had a third baby in the time since I photographed their 2nd newborn–Claire.   This time it was a little boy, Benjamin!

We wanted to recreated a few classic shots and then the rest of the time we focused on candid shots in and out of the house.

The eldest, Noah, had turned into quite the little scholar since I’d seen him last, asking lots of smart questions and using really big words–big words for a big brother twice over, I suppose.

With the help of Christine and dear Monkey we got the kids smiling pretty quickly–good ol’ Monkey.  Oh, and Christina too… :)

Just the boys together…

Noah is such a tender, protective big brother!   By the way, none of these photos were specifically ‘posed’.  Noah’s just like that…cutie.

And of course, with my luck, the little baby who apparently can sleep through anything wouldn’t really sleep much for me.   Classic.   Oh well, I can work with anything–and we got some really lovely waking close-ups and some sleeping smiles shots!   Ben’s a smiley little man.

Just the girls…who are outnumbered now!  Uh oh!   Although with smiles like that I can’t see them ever being overlooked.

While we were shooting in the bedroom Christina was with the kiddies in the backyard.  After an unfortunate tumbling accident–some clothes had to be changed and a little boo cleaned up, but everyone was all smiles once again as we shot some more family shots on the back deck.

While we finished up with Ben, the kids happily played in the backyard–and with the sun at just the right angle, I couldn’t resist a few backlit shots around the yard.

Congratulations on the safe arrival of Benjamin, you guys!   Hopefully see you for #4?   No pressure….but you make cute kids.

Art Bus & Open House!

Every other month or so a bus load of people, literally, arrive at the studios at 270 Sherman Ave N and tour the studios of the painters, sculptors, photographers, and tradespeople who occupy her.   This was the first month I’ve been able to participate and I was tres nervous.

Since I do portraiture, I don’t have ‘pieces’ to sell–but fortunately I have been adding to my canvas collection and was able to display a few things as well as offer people free group photos!  I had a few people in who said it was a treat (and relief) to do something fun in one of the studios–instead of having to think.  I’ll take that as a compliment!  …kinda.

The Art Bus people had a ton of fun dressing up in the costumes I brought–but unfortunately I can’t show any of those images at this time–I need to get their approval first!

I decided to coincide the Art Bus tour with an Open-House for my new space–so after the Art Bus people left I had a few friends and family drop by for wine & cheese and silly portraits, of course!

So I hope you enjoy the photos from the Open House as much as we enjoyed making them and I’ll be offering this fun photo experience at every Art Bus night–so I’ll announce it the next time it happens and you should try to drop by!

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Gage St. Family Photos: Hamilton Family Photographer

After so many weeks of miserable weather and rain, I’ve been so blessed to get a couple weeks to catch up on shoots in some really gorgeous Fall weather!    And once again, Hamilton has smiled on me and provided another couple fantastic spots to shoot in.

The location I took this young family to is a real hidden gem in Hamilton–and I was so pleased they enjoyed it as much as I did.   Thanks for making my job so easy guys–it was a pleasure working with you!

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The Busy Beerdas: Hamilton Family Photographer

The handy thing about having a trade, like photography or carpentry or plumbing, is that you can ‘trade’ it!   This is the second year I’ve been able to trade family photos with the Beerdas in exchange for electrical work around my house since Tim Beerda is, obviously, an electrician.    Tim is the light of my life.

I took their busy young family to the ol’ Auchmar Estate in Hamilton–where the kids were able to play in the orchard but where we were NOT able to escape the suffocating humidity.   Still, it was an excellent trade and I’m looking forward to next year!

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Liz Trashed the Dress: Part One: Hamilton Photographer

Liz was the ‘Trash It’ winner from the Trash It or Treasure It Contest back in March–and boy did she win by a landslide!   Liz had so much support from her friends and family–it was clear from the beginning we’d be working together soon.

You expend so much energy trying to make your wedding dress perfect, keep it unwrinkled and dirt-free on your wedding day, only to try really hard to actually TRASH it.   Sometime’s trashing a dress is harder than you’d think.

In our efforts to truly trash her lovely wedding gown we came up with a few really fun ideas.  Liz spent many years in her youth on her toes–in pointe shoes to be exact, so we wanted to incorporate that part of her into her shoot somehow.  Now instead of pointe shoes Liz exercises at a unique gym that’s set up in a big warehouse space.  So what goes together better than wedding dresses + pointe shoes + warehouses?  Not much, right?

Stay tuned for part-two of this Trash It extravaganza!

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Stella & Alex

Stella & Alex came to me, via Tiffany at My Charmed Event, anxious to get some specific shots for their engagement and wedding photos.   Fortunately I was able to help and we had a lot of fun shooting their engagements at the beach between Hamilton and Burlington.   They were up for anything; even driving home with wet clothes after a romantic dip in Lake Ontario.  (Is that an oxymoron?  Romantic dip and Lake Ontario?)

Anyway, it was a lot of fun and felt great be able to help out these two lovebirds at the last minute.

See you guys in October!

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