Liz Trashed the Dress: PART-TWO: Hamilton Photographer

This is part-two of Liz’s trash the dress!  At this point we had left the gym and pointe shoes behind and went to the beach with husband Dan for some steamy (and chilly!) beach shots!   See Part-One of Liz’s shoot here:

Props go out to Dan who happily ‘dove in’ to the chilly waters of Lake Ontario and kinda-willingly lay on the sand only to get a bit of a sand exfoliation.  And of course, Liz was amazing–trudging around in that dress that now weighed about 4 times as much and acted like a bit of an anchor :)

You look gorgeous guys–thanks for being so patient and eager to get a good shot!  And we got just one or two…

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Liz Trashed the Dress: Part One: Hamilton Photographer

Liz was the ‘Trash It’ winner from the Trash It or Treasure It Contest back in March–and boy did she win by a landslide!   Liz had so much support from her friends and family–it was clear from the beginning we’d be working together soon.

You expend so much energy trying to make your wedding dress perfect, keep it unwrinkled and dirt-free on your wedding day, only to try really hard to actually TRASH it.   Sometime’s trashing a dress is harder than you’d think.

In our efforts to truly trash her lovely wedding gown we came up with a few really fun ideas.  Liz spent many years in her youth on her toes–in pointe shoes to be exact, so we wanted to incorporate that part of her into her shoot somehow.  Now instead of pointe shoes Liz exercises at a unique gym that’s set up in a big warehouse space.  So what goes together better than wedding dresses + pointe shoes + warehouses?  Not much, right?

Stay tuned for part-two of this Trash It extravaganza!

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Trash It or Treasure It Winners!

Wow!  Once again I was overwhelmed by all the activity surrounding this contest!

Not nearly as many entrants this time, and I fear it’s because of how complicated I made it to earn extra points.   But, live and learn, and congratulations to those who persevered!   You blew any competition you had out of the water!   THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who voted.  It was a lot of fun!

So the winner of the Trash It photo shoot is

the wonderful

Liz McPhee,

from glorious Hamilton, ON!

And the winner of the Treasure It photos shoot is,

of course, the lovely

Liselle Dochstader,

from Mississauga, ON!


Congratulations ladies!   Both of them will have their own private photo shoot with me sometime in the next 6 months.

The Trash It photo shoot will involve just having fun in the wedding gown.  We might go for a dip, canter through a field of long grass, jump in mud puddles…who knows!  Stay tuned… :)

And the Treasure It photo shoot involves creating a more candid, relaxed environment that will immortalize the gown while preserving it (for the most part)!


If you’re interested in booking your own Trash It or Treasure It photo shoot get in touch ASAP!

The first 2 people to email me will

receive 50% OFF

their Trash It or Treasure It shoot!  (only one spot available for each type of shoot for a total of 2 discounted shoots.)

And finally, in case you haven’t heard, every new member to the Wdfotos by Claire Dam group on Facebook, will receive a 15% off coupon towards the portrait shoot of their choice!   But you need to claim it.  Go to my facebook page here and click on the offer icon on the left side of the page.  Or click here and go directly to this limited time offer!

Go to my website for my extensive portfolio and my contact information.  April is already booked SOLID and May is 1/3rd full.  So book today!

Looking forward to an excellent season everyone!


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