Off-Camera Flash (OCF) with Amanda :: 270 Sherman :: Tutorial Photo Shoot


I know you, right?  I think we hung out once…but it’s been a while.  Hope you haven’t forgotten about me!

For the month of March I was the Monthly Mentor on the Chic Critique Forum–and as such I needed to create and share a video about an area of my expertise.  Now, while I do not call myself an expert at off-camera flash (OCF), I am an expert at PARTS of it.   So the tutorial was about the basics of this really fun and challenging skill.

Amanda was my model for the shoot–and was also being filmed at the same time for the video footage–thanks to Mark Van Noord of Airborne Video Productions.I can’t show you the footage–because you need to be a member of the forum to see it :)   There are perks to being a member!

*All of the shots that are side-by-side (the diptychs), are SOOC, or straight out of camera–except for straightening.  I’m a crooked shooter!*   If you want to know specifics about the images–ask me in the comments.  Most of the images were shot using different OCF techniques and equipment.

Anyway–I think I only released ONE sneak peek from this session–so here are my favourites! Enjoy!





aadipty      DSC_3940-Edit






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Styling: Claire Dam Photography

Model: Amanda

Hair & MU: Amanda, model

Video: Mark Van Noord of Airborne

Assistant: Maria


Kalyn + Chris :: Toronto Engagement & Wedding Photography :: Capsule Music, Queen St W, Toronto

Oh I love Kalyn and Chris.  We had so much fun together last week at Capule Music in Toronto (921 Queen Street West  Toronto, ON M6J 1G3).   They’re both really talented musicians (you can check out Kalyn’s band here) and so it was really fitting to shoot at this amazing vintage music store on the trendy Queen St W in Toronto.

Kalyn did the leg-work and secured the location for us–connecting with the owner who let us in to shoot on a Sunday when the store was closed–so we had the whole place to ourselves!  And wow, if you’re into vintage instruments, specifically stringed ones like guitars and banjos etc, you’ll want to make the trip to Toronto to check this place out.  I’m not a musician myself, but every square inch of that place was like eye-candy.

As you’ll be able to see from the photos Kalyn & Chris are such a kind, playful and loving couple–can’t wait to shoot your happy wedding in September guys!

Yeah, I’ve been saving this shot for a while now…just holding onto it for the perfect couple.  In the end this shot could not have been more perfect.  So intense… so rock ‘n’ roll.  Sigh…love it.

Congratulations you gorgeous kids!

Amy & Harry :: Hart House Wedding : Toronto Wedding Photographer

Well, the day a lot of people have been waiting a life-time for finally arrived yesterday!  One of the only girls in a lineage of mostly boys tied the knot in an intimate and romantic ceremony much to the delight of the generations before and after who rarely have to ‘give a daughter away’.

Amy & Harry didn’t exactly say ‘I do’ in their traditional Greek ceremony, at least out loud, but their grins and eagerness to hold hands said it for them.

It was such a pleasure be a part of Amy & Harry’s wedding–it was thoughtfully simple, intimate and elegant.  Amy’s non-traditional soft-pink dress was definitely a highlight of the day–meeting somewhere between antique romance and modern elegance.   And her inclusion of mementos, family heirlooms and photographs was a special touch that successfully included those who had passed–recently and a long time ago–but who had a part in Amy & Harry’s lives and hearts.

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Congratulations you two!

These dogs days…

I always enjoy shooting at my clients’ house–it gives me some insight into them and their personalities…and their roommates!

I had a great time immortalizing Sarah & Steve’s vintage wallpaper in their new home, shooting in the 6′ tall grass behind their house and meeting Jackson, their adorable (and obedient!) little Boston Terrier…even if he did try to take off with the ring.

Congratulations guys–see you in October!

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