Katie & James :: A Not-So-Wintery Maternity :: Hamilton Maternity Photography

Welp.  This is officially one of my favourite shoots of all time.  Period.   And it’s joining another maternity session (with Annie) that was one of my ultimate favourites.  Am I turning into a maternity photographer…exclusively?!

Katie had clear ideas about her session–outside, wintery, and a bed.  No problem!  I’m used to carrying around entire living rooms or bedroom sets for shoots!  I prepped for the cold by sewing real fur blankets for Katie (repurposed from old fur coats), and had a spot all picked out when suddenly all of our lovely snow melted!   And what’s worse was that my location now looked nasty sans snow and avec brown muddiness.

Fortunately I was still ‘on holidays’ so I had time to search out a new and WAY better spot (where I saw the deer family :), AND locate an amazing bookstore nearby as well! (A last-minute idea!)   We were so SO fortunate that the owners of Bryan Prince Bookseller  let us descend upon their lovely shop for 30 minutes before heading out into the woods.   We couldn’t have ended up in a better spot!

(*Also note–the introduction of my new line of baby crowns!   Different barks lined with furs.  I love them.  Below is birch lined with rabbit.  Of course, all sustainably harvested/repurposed.)


We had gone from about 2′ of snow and -10 Celsius to zero snow and +16 Celsius in about two days–and as sad as it was to lose the snow it was way more fun being able to truly enjoy being outside on a bed of animal furs in the middle of January!   Can you imagine?  It was nuts but awesome.

As you can see, Katie is just a natural.   A natural (looking) redhead, a natural beauty and a natural in front of the camera.  It was such a pleasure working with her.  Oh yeah, and that other guy, James.  I think he had something to do with all this…

(*And for posterity those are my lumberjack socks.  We literally traded socks because mine fit the scene better.  Is that weird?)

DSC_8831-EditDSC_8841-EditDSC_8857-EditaadiptychDSC_8683-EditDSC_8718-Edit aadiptyDSC_9035-EditDSC_8935-Edit DSC_8943-EditaadiptycDSC_9365-Edit


 DSC_9064-Editaadipt DSC_9173-Edit DSC_9271-Edit DSC_9288-Edit

So I think my only safe move after this is to retire.  Or just work exclusively with these guys.

Congratulations Katie and James!

Can’t wait to greet your little babe with a fur-lined crown.

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Location: Bryan Prince Booksellers, Westdale

Location: Westdale Park

Make-up: Caryl Baker Visage

Hair: by client

Special Thanks: to my main squeeze, Ken, for helping us get the bed set up!


Baby Levi :: Hamilton Newborn Photographer :: Campbellville, ON

Back in the summer a really dear old buddy of mine gave birth to their first–a skeptical-looking little man, Levi.

We met on their parents’ farm near Campbellville on possibly the most humid day every recorded in history, ever, where we sweat it out and dodged deer flies–doesn’t this sound idyllic?

It was actually!  It was just fun hanging out with my friends and meeting this little man!    He’s a big, chubby, smiley guy now–so enjoy this walk down the country-lane, friends.

*Oh and leave me some blog-love at the bottom here–I know you’re all out there!  …I have to believe you are…sniff….*

aadiptychDSC_4446-Edit DSC_4450-EditDSC_4456-Edit DSC_4503DSC_4506-Edit DSC_4517-EditDSC_4524 DSC_4528 DSC_4547-Editaadiptych2 DSC_4568-Edit DSC_9209 DSC_9222-Edit DSC_9224-Editaadiptych3DSC_9249-Edit DSC_9238-Edit DSC_9260

Congratulations again, you guys!   Thanks for letting me meet him so soon and for being so coopertive on such a sticky day!

love loveDSC_9261-Edit-2

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