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Katie and James are one of my newer Bump-to-Babe clients and we’ve had SO much fun with all their sessions.   I can’t encourage all of you out there enough to trust your professional to do their job and they will surprise you!  (And this applies to most tradespeople and professionals.)   Putting restrictions on & trying to control creative professionals will stifle them and bore you with the results.   So do yourself a favour and collaborate with your creative professional–you’ll be so happy with the products–I promise!

Anyway–all that to say, Katie and James encouraged me to do my thang and also brought a lot of great concepts forward and together we’ve brought them to life!    You should check out their very popular maternity session here.  It was so well-received that it was featured on a couple different baby blogs in Canada and the US!

Little Brighton came pretty early–about 3 weeks–so things were a little bumpy for the first week or so, but by the time we shot this lovely newborn session at Katie & James’ house she was doing awesome and was SUCH a great little model!

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After some family pics and pics with Mom and Dad we got her to sleep and she stayed asleep–it was awesome!    She was so cooperative to get posed and moved around and have things put on her head and moved around–she was totally conked out!



DSC_4416-Edit DSC_4386-Edit-2-Edit DSC_4411-Edit

The day before this session I’d been doing some reading on newborn photography and in that article the author mentioned that babies almost always smile during newborn sessions, but you just need to be ready for it.   In retrospect of all the newborn sessions I’ve done I realized she was RIGHT!   I just wasn’t ever expecting it–when I should be.  So once we got Brighton in this position we waited….and waited…and before long we got a sweet little smile.   But not before an awesome frown.   That girl can frown!


If you remember the maternity session you’ll remember the above little birch-bark crown I had made—we included it in the shots in the bookstore and outside on the bed.      And if you’ll also recall, we did a number of shots in the bookstore–a special pastime for Katie & James.   So to finish we hung out in Brighton’s room reading books and snuggling.   (I say ‘we’ but I didn’t snuggle.  Although that would have been nice…)     Finally, please note the pic of their cat–this guy….just blows me away.  I’m not a ‘cat-person’ per se, but, wow.   Right?



Congratulations Katie & James!   Look what you made!  She’s lovely.


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Baby Levi :: Hamilton Newborn Photographer :: Campbellville, ON

Back in the summer a really dear old buddy of mine gave birth to their first–a skeptical-looking little man, Levi.

We met on their parents’ farm near Campbellville on possibly the most humid day every recorded in history, ever, where we sweat it out and dodged deer flies–doesn’t this sound idyllic?

It was actually!  It was just fun hanging out with my friends and meeting this little man!    He’s a big, chubby, smiley guy now–so enjoy this walk down the country-lane, friends.

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Congratulations again, you guys!   Thanks for letting me meet him so soon and for being so coopertive on such a sticky day!

love loveDSC_9261-Edit-2

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The Littlest King: baby Josiah

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This little fighter was born a new weeks early, and should technically be just 2 weeks old now–instead of six!   Like his namesake, little 8-year old King Josiah, he was under a lot of pressure all at once and at an early age.   But as the meaning of his name suggests, ‘the Lord will support’, certainly we can see that it is true!

This was an in-home shoot which is much more relaxing for everyone–so we had a sleeping baby for once!  Yay!  Josiah was a great subject, even though he really disliked not having a soft blanket on him at-ALL-times.

Congratulations mom & dad, and Welcome Home Jiah!

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