The Canadiana Boudoir: Non-traditional Boudoir Photography

Last week I got to shoot a really fun non-traditional boudoir shoot out in the wilderness of Northern Ontario!  With the honest-to-goodness threat of bears (a mama and two babies, no less), and a sketchy boat ride to a wee island in the middle of a busy cottaging lake, this shoot was FULL of excitement and humour.

Many thanks to Jen who arrived nervous, of course, yet was so easy and fun to work with.  Who else would be a cowgirl, Indian, lusty lumberjack and go for a dip in the lake just for some photos?   My clients, that’s who.  (Still looking for couples who want to shoot a zombie engagement session with me, by the by :)

Normally I end with a ‘congratulations’…but in this case, who do I congratulate?  Her husband, Sam?

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