The Littlest King: baby Josiah

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This little fighter was born a new weeks early, and should technically be just 2 weeks old now–instead of six!   Like his namesake, little 8-year old King Josiah, he was under a lot of pressure all at once and at an early age.   But as the meaning of his name suggests, ‘the Lord will support’, certainly we can see that it is true!

This was an in-home shoot which is much more relaxing for everyone–so we had a sleeping baby for once!  Yay!  Josiah was a great subject, even though he really disliked not having a soft blanket on him at-ALL-times.

Congratulations mom & dad, and Welcome Home Jiah!


Baby Quinn!

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Finally a baby boy shoot!   I might be saturated with baby girls lately, but Quinn’s mama, Sandra, sure isn’t.  Quinn is boy #4!

But man, I am not having any luck getting babies to sleep during their shoots!  Quinn had a little cat nap for about 15 minutes, thankfully, but I still haven’t learned the tricks to get these little people to chill.   Still getting some sweet shots though–Quinn was so good at looking right into the camera.

Congratulations on your fourth little man, Sandra & Aaron!

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