Fun with lighting: Part One

Liz was my first very awesome, helpful volunteer who patiently endured my fumbling, “yes, no, yes, no….why isn’t this working?”

And all the thanks goes to the very inspiring Jenifer Sander! 

If you want to volunteer your good looks towards my education in new & exciting shooting/lighting techniques, let me know! And I’m always looking for couples!

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Animal Farm band shoot

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Last year I had a local-band photo shoot promo, offering a free photo shoot to local Hamilton bands.   I did 4 locals acts then, but wasn’t able to squeeze these guys in: Animal Farm.

I like spicing it up with different kinds of portraits and I like the creativity bands need for their photos–so it was a good combo and a fun shoot.

You can check out Animal Farm at or

If you like any of their influencing bands,

The Beatles, Radiohead, Neil Young, Rage Against the Machine, Muse, Silverchair, Queen

you should check them out.


The talented Ms. Chapman: head shots

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I had the pleasure of doing a quick mini-shoot with the very beautiful, very talented and very determined Sarah!

She needed some new head shots for her portfolio and I had bailed on her a couple times prior–you know, to keep her on her feet.   But we managed to squeeze her into my busy schedule and it was a lot of fun.  For me.  It was really cold out…and you’ll notice Sarah isn’t really wearing a lot.  So I’m not sure how ‘fun’ it was for Sarah.  Either way, she did a terrific job at being beautiful and not looking cold.

And sorry, gentlemen.  She’s very much taken.

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