Baby Rae: Hamilton Baby Photographer

I’ve mentioned this before but one of the perks of my job is the ‘continuity of care’ I get to provide to some of my clients.  I get to be there for their engagements, weddings, pregnancies, births and family photos and so on!  It’s pretty cool!

This is one little family I’ve had the privilege of knowing for a while but working with for almost a year now as we worked our way through their Bump-to-Baby package.  The first shoot was a maternity shoot, followed soon after by a newborn shoot and finishing up with little Rae’s 6 month shoot!   And what a frickin’ cutie…she’s been such a doll to work with.  And to top it all off this family has been one of those ‘do whatever you want because we trust you’ families–and that’s kinda nice sometimes.

Congratulations again Rezek family!

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Fun with lighting: Part One

Liz was my first very awesome, helpful volunteer who patiently endured my fumbling, “yes, no, yes, no….why isn’t this working?”

And all the thanks goes to the very inspiring Jenifer Sander! 

If you want to volunteer your good looks towards my education in new & exciting shooting/lighting techniques, let me know! And I’m always looking for couples!

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