Photo Marathon 2013 :: SPRING! :: Hamilton, Ontario

The first Marathon of 2013 was over the weekend and it was great for a few reasons:

1-the weather was perfect!  Not too hot, not chilly, not wet….just right.

2-we shot it at the new outdoor studio: our farm!

3-no one got lost and missed their session!

4-there was great variety from session to session–young families, older families, extended families and just the girls :)

5-everyone did SUCH a great job on their wardrobe!   It makes a HUGE difference and you all looked fabu!

6-very, very little crying.   It’s true–I hardly cried.

7-a smaller group!  Instead of 9 or 10 sessions in one day I settled on six and it was so refreshing.

Ok, I could go on and on–but the point is, the Spring Marathon was a great success.  A HUGE thank you to my faithful assistant who made a special reprise just for this session–Rita!    And thanks to my husband for dropping EV-REY-THING to help me prep our property and locations for the sessions.  And finally, thanks to all the new and old friends who booked a session and made such an effort to look swell and arrive early–you made the day fun and easy!

Private galleries should be ready soon–I’ll email you when they’re ready and we can schedule a time in-studio or online for you.


2013-marathon-claire-dam-1ps. Amy I PROMISE there are a bunch of great family shots, but I couldn’t resist posting these two of the boys :)


We had two session with ‘just the girls’ which is always a lot of fun for everyone–typically lots of awkward giggling and really close contact.   I can’t wait for the day I had an all-guys group ;)


You might recognize these cuties from the Fall 2012 Marathon.  This time they brought more family!

2013-marathon-claire-dam-5Another just-the-girls session–can you guess who the star of the show is?

*Special thanks to Aimee for doing such a gorgeous job on Katie’s make-up!   Which you can’t see in b&w…oops.  Trust me…it looked awesome.

2013-marathon-claire-dam-6These kids…I mean, come on.   They can’t stop being so CUTE!

2013-marathon-claire-dam-4Last session of the day–but no lack of energy and affection<3

And please leave a comment if you like what you see…Thank you!


Sam+Jen + 3 + pug: Muskoka Family Photographer

I’ve been holding this shoot idea in my back pocket for a few months now and I was so pumped when Jen agreed to do this shoot with me for their annual family shoot!  This year it was in Parry Sound at their cottage on Lake Manitouwabing–and the setting couldn’t have been more amazing.  And it sure helped that I had a small antique store worth of fun accessories in the cottage.

I had to find just the right family for this shoot for a few reasons including a willingness to carry around a huge bed just for some silly ol’ photos, and I needed a family that normally spends a lot of time together in a big mass of limbs.

Anyway–so pleased with how this turned out–and pleasantly surprised with how that bed on the beach stayed there all night with another big mass of limbs on it;)

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The Hagens: Hamilton Family Photographer

Being able to work with the Hagen’s was dreamy–it’s such a treat for a photographer when clients take a real interest in the process and put in a lot of thought and effort into the vision.  Josalyn was so awesome with choosing wardrobe for this family portrait, and even volunteering her couch AND husband Ger towards creating some really lovely shots.

Thankfully, the kids really loved Monkey, my one-eared assistant, as you can tell from some of the shots where Monkey’s antics were just too much for them to handle.   Sometimes it’s hit and miss with Monkey–he can rub people the wrong way I guess.  He gets kind of defensive about his missing ear.

Anyway!  Thanks for being such a model family, Hagens!  I’ll be in touch with Ger the next time I need a couch moved.

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Fall Family Mini-Sessions: Hamilton Photographer

Hey folks!

I’m offering a few evening mini-sessions for families who want to get some shots done but are on a budget!   They will be held on a few week-nights in the coming weeks, so contact me for dates and to chose your time-slot.

A mini-session this time of year is great for back-to-school memory keeping, Christmas cards (yeah, I said it…Christmas!), or just for fun if you haven’t had a family portrait done in a while.

Mini-sessions last about 20-30 minutes, include a few different poses for your family, individual shots of each family member and a few group shots of just the kiddies.  From that I will post a few of the best of your photos in a private online-gallery of which you can choose 2 images to receive as digital negatives.    Any additional images can be purchased a la carte or bundled if you want to buy more than 10.

$150 (including 2 digital negatives of your choice)

Please contact me for details!

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