The Collaboration :: Vintage Wedding Dresses :: Hamilton Wedding Photographer

For those of you who have been watching the excitement on Facebook or Instagram a few weeks back a bunch of us got together and shot a vintage wedding dress shoot!

It was organized by me but after that I just let everyone do their thang, and these are the gorgeous results!

The only drawback was that there were TOO many photos…


Below are two installments of four dresses.  I’ll post the other half on Friday!  Stay tuned…

And check out what Jane & Hollie of White Elephant are saying about the shoot here at their blog.


And I want to show the credits here and below–so you don’t miss it!

Wardrobe + Accessories: White

Flowers:  i fiori by Beverly Zaruk

Hair & MU: Aimee Carreen Stricker

Event Styling: Bre of Breanna Black Event Planning +

Model Styling: White Elephant + Claire Dam Photography

Photography: Claire Dam Photography

Assistant: Maria Simmonds

And special thanks to Ashley, Frank & Bruce at 270 Sherman!




Jewel tones of green are THE colour of 2013!





________________________________ DSC_4127

How Great Gatsby, hey?

DSC_4120    DSC_4220  DSC_4251 DSC_4260



Another adorable cocktail wedding dress with the sweetest little collar and metallic details in the fabric.



Check out that hair-piece by Bev at i fiori!!!!!  Dying!





A sweetheart neckline for a sweetheart.  Wedding dresses don’t have to be white.

They should sometimes be pink.


DSC_4414 DSC_4463 DSC_4449            DSC_4478-Edit

In case you missed it above–here are the members of ‘The Collaboration’

Wardrobe + Accessories: White

Flowers:  i fiori by Beverly Zaruk

Hair & MU: Aimee Carreen Stricker

Styling: White Elephant + Claire Dam Photography

Photography: Claire Dam Photography

Assistant: Maria Simmonds


Emily & Paul :: ENGAGEMENT :: Hamilton, ON

Emily & Paul and I came together through the lovely Charmed Events coordinator Tiffany <3.   Tiffany and I go way back and we’re always looking for excuses to work together and hang out!  Thanks for connecting us all Tiff—we had an awesome time!

We shot all of this at the studio at 270 Sherman in Hamilton.

*Please leave a comment for me at the end–show me some loving.  I feel all alone here…


This shot was right out of the gate and I knew after this moment that we were going to have a lot of fun in this session.   It helps that we were being serenaded by some dancing minstrels up on the 2nd floor.

Strange things happen around here and I’ve stopped asking questions.

The minstrels left a door open into one of the warehouses I don’t usually have access to so we sneaked in and took some sassy shots in the old stairwells.

There’s a bit of a height difference between them.   Not sure if you noticed.

After a good warm up in our civies we all got changed into more formal attire–and by we I mean ‘them’.   I was still in my jeans.

This is up on the rooftop overlooking a lot of Hamilton.   Paul is from Scotland and besides lulling me with charming Braveheart-flavoured accent, (yes Braveheart could be a flavour…) he was telling me that Hamilton is a lot like his town near Glasgow–only “100x better”.    Good for Hamilton!

Look at that heel kick again, hey?

Congratulations Paul & Emily!  After meeting, working and laughing with you I am so looking forward to your lovely September wedding.  And all the kilts!

(Who am I kidding?   That’s why I agreed to take this wedding.  For all the kilts.)

And please leave a comment for me!

Chris & Monika Say ‘I Do’ :: Balls Falls Ontario :: Niagara Wedding Photography

Chris and Monika’s wedding was about as much fun to shoot at as I had imagined.

We had had a great time doing their engagement session on James St N in Hamilton–you can see their engagement session here–so I was anticipating good things for the wedding day!

Their lovely escarpment home was a hub of happy activity as the girls and some relatives got ready there–at the same time their backyard was being transformed into a cheerful reception area!   Yet the mood was nice and laid-back (for most of us–I can’t speak for Monika’s dad :)

All the day-of coordinating was in the control of the very capable Hanna Sinclair of Belle Soiree Weddings which allowed Monika et al to really enjoy the process of getting ready–as you’ll see below.  Lots of big smiles!

The ceremony took place in the quaint little white chapel at Balls Falls Conservation Area in Grimsby with a familiar comedian/minister.   This is the second time I’ve worked with this guy and he is a hoot.



After we did some family shots and a quick wedding party set-up we drove to my studio at 270 Sherman and completed the wedding party and B&G shots there.   The lot itself is full of character and provides lots of fabulous, rustic-urban backdrops.

Yeah…I’d want to marry her too.  Look at that smile!


After shooting outside we moved into the century-old warehouse space at 270 Sherman.   It was steamy hot in there but everyone was 100% cooperative and patient all in the name of creating epic wedding photos.   I feel like we succeeded.




We took refuge from the heat of the warehouse on the roof of the building.  You can’t get more industrial-looking than sitting on the edge of a historical warehouse roof with the smoke-stacks of East Hamilton in the background.  This is how we rock ‘n’ roll.



Yeah, she wore those gorgeous kicks all day.  Feet of steel!   And they look incredible.

Even though the original lift wasn’t operational on the weekend we still managed to get some really moody, atmospheric shots.


After wrapping up at the studio we busted it over to the reception–at Chris & Monika’s stunning home on the escarpment with a view of Lake Ontario in the distance.  (Thanks to my assistant Rita for getting most of the fish-eye shots!)






Monika and Chris really were a perfect couple to work it–they had an eye for fashion and style and a desire to create some really beautiful, unique photography…not to mention they are both lovely people and really nice to look at.

Thanks for the pleasure of working with you both–congratulations Mr & Mrs!

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