New Policies & Procedures :: 2013


ey everyone!

I want to keep you all abreast of some minor and some noticeable changes at Claire Dam Photography.

Please get in touch with any questions:

Thank you for your support and loyalty!  Here’s to a great 2013!



Starting Jan 1, 2013, sneak peeks will be posted only AFTER clients have chosen the images they want from their online galleries.   Clients who are receiving ALL the digital files as part of their package (such as weddings and some Bump-to-Babe-Bundles) will have their sneak peeks posted sooner.


Starting Feb 1, 2013, galleries will no longer be available for viewing for 7 days.   Clients will have their gallery scheduled at a time that’s convenient for them and will be able to view the gallery as many time as they like in a 24 hour period only.   Clients who fail to place an order within those predetermined 24 hours will be subject to a $50 + HST reposting fee, and images won’t be sent to the client until the $50 + HST is paid in full.

Clients are welcome and encouraged to come into the studio to review their gallery with me!


There is now a Minimum Order Requirement (MOR) of $100 applied to all 2013 Marathoners–$100 (before tax) must be spent on digital files, prints, cards, albums or canvas.

This new policy does not apply to Marathoners who signed up before Jan 1st, 2013.


As of Jan 1st, 2013 all contracts for weddings must include the following:

– parking passes/permits as needed for all venues on day of engagements & wedding for up to two vehicles (primary shooter and 2nd shooter.)

– meal for all photography vendors–up to three–when photographers are staying more than 30 minutes into the wedding dinner.

– clients are NOT allowed to submit photos of their wedding to other vendors (such as hair and MUA) without prior consent from me.   Clients are asked to connect me with their vendor and I will gladly supply images to the vendor on your behalf.


Most sessions are purged from the computer AND harddrive within 6-12 months of the client’s session.   They are then archived and put into storage.  Sessions that have been archived as digital files are subject to a $150 + HST restoration fee if the client is looking to replace their existing digital files due to any kind of loss.   The replacement of prints that have been archived are subject to the $150 + HST restoration fee plus the current fees associated with reprinting the images.


This is an old one but was never ‘announced’: the use of my props, accessories, furniture and staging is only applicable to those who schedule a full-session (90 minutes), wedding clients and newborn sessions.   For use of props and staging in mini sessions, head shots, and marathon sessions at fee will apply.  Fees are based on the item(s) and the location etc.


It is up to the client to follow through with any outstanding complimentary printed goods–such as prints, canvases and albums that are included in packages.    Any outstanding printed goods that are not claimed within six (6) months of receiving your images (either in the form of prints or digital files) will become null and void.


All clients after Feb 1st, 2013 are held responsible for their tardiness to sessions and during sessions.   Clients will be made aware of their session start and end times and must adhere to those schedules accordingly.   Clients who arrive late, arrive and are not ready, or pause the session to change, take phone calls, eat, ask to travel to different locations (not already predetermined), fix hair and make-up etc. won’t be given extra time to do so, but will have their sessions end at the scheduled time.   If time allows, the photographer can continue shooting for an additional $250 + HST per hour minimum.


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