Rooftop Twins :: Chic Critique Photography Idol ::

So this post is a brief synopsis of the last assignment I did for the Photography Idol contest back in September.    The theme was emotion and/or motion.    I ended up with mostly emotion because it wasn’t nearly as windy as I had anticipated up there on the rooftop at 270 Sherman!

I put a call out for twins and my nephew actually ended up responding saying he was friends with twins….REDHEAD twins.   My favourite.     Being as non-creepy as I could be I got in touch with the girls and their parents–and everyone was really pumped to do the shoot!   And it helped that White Elephant once again agreed to supply the wardrobe!   We met at White Elephant and the girls had a chance to try some fun dresses on before settling on 3 (and one of my own from home).

I wanted to play with twins and that intimacy and understanding that comes with being so closely connected to a person–genetically and relationally.    I was also hoping to play around with some Wes Anderson-esque ideas.   There’s something very unique about his lighting that I didn’t hit exactly–but it was very fun trying.

I want to thank the girls so much for being so willing, and cooperative and pretty—and for obliging my weird posing and set-ups!   And thank you to their parents for being so happy to drive the girls around and get involved in this shoot!

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*the image I submitted to the contest*




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10 thoughts on “Rooftop Twins :: Chic Critique Photography Idol ::

  1. wow!
    we’ve known these beautiful ladies since they were bouncing around in mom! exquisite photos that do indeed capture that incredibly special relationship between “twinnies”. thanks for sharing the additional photos!

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