Alex & Karen :: TORONTO WEDDING :: Liberty Grand, Toronto

It’s been a while since I’ve been over this collection from Karen & Alex’s wedding–yes, this is a catch-up post from July.  Eh hem.    But these photos really made me chuckle–at the time they were taken, while I was editing them and again while I was preparing this blog.    Karen & Alex, and their families, are the most joyous, playful, fun-loving, dancing-singing crazies I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.   (See their Niagara engagements here:

There were definitely some lovely, tender moments–but overall this wedding was such a celebration, on both sides, and this was evident by all the dancing, singing and laughing.  My cheeks are hurting.

Thank you to the Liberty Grand–such a lovely venue with outstanding staff.  And thank you to my assistant Rita and my 2nd shooter Hollie<3.

(If you were in charge of flowers, or the cake or the venue let me know and I’ll add you to this blog!)

*Please leave a note that you were here–I’d love to hear from you!*

The ceremony was held in the courtyard of the Grand Liberty just as the sun was starting angle in on its descent–so there was some unavoidable dappled shade here and there, but overall everything just glowed!

Everyone took their cue from the B&G and danced down the aisle at the end of the ceremony!   A very fitting way to end the ceremony and start the celebration!

But before we got into the reception there was a traditional Tea Ceremony for the B&G and their parents and grandparents.  This was my first Tea Ceremony–and it was lovely watching this tradition unfold.

 And before we launched into the portraits with the wedding party we snapped a few shots with the bride in her new gold jewelery–a traditional wedding gift from her new in-laws.











The reception!


Began with dancing, of course!

And singing…

And shockingly hilarious speeches…

And embarrassing speeches…

And more singing!

Finally, we ended with a romantic first-dance for the B&G followed by a lively parent-dance!

How cute are all these guys, hey?  It was as much as joy to photograph their entire family as it was to be part of the celebrations.

Congratulations again Karen & Alex.

I pray you’ll laugh that hard together every day!

Leave me a comment!!!  HI-YA!

*Please leave a comment for me!  I constantly need affirmations and encouragement.   Enable my addiction–please.*


One thought on “Alex & Karen :: TORONTO WEDDING :: Liberty Grand, Toronto

  1. Claire, your skills are SO AWESOME!!! These pics are beautiful… and definitely captured the magic ;) I always knew my family was crazy but to find out Alex’s fam was just as ridiculous was a delightful surprise! Love the singing/dancing shots, have I told you you’re awesome yet? Well you are. Totally awesome.

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