Emily & Paul :: ENGAGEMENT :: Hamilton, ON

Emily & Paul and I came together through the lovely Charmed Events coordinator Tiffany <3.   Tiffany and I go way back and we’re always looking for excuses to work together and hang out!  Thanks for connecting us all Tiff—we had an awesome time!

We shot all of this at the studio at 270 Sherman in Hamilton.

*Please leave a comment for me at the end–show me some loving.  I feel all alone here…


This shot was right out of the gate and I knew after this moment that we were going to have a lot of fun in this session.   It helps that we were being serenaded by some dancing minstrels up on the 2nd floor.

Strange things happen around here and I’ve stopped asking questions.

The minstrels left a door open into one of the warehouses I don’t usually have access to so we sneaked in and took some sassy shots in the old stairwells.

There’s a bit of a height difference between them.   Not sure if you noticed.

After a good warm up in our civies we all got changed into more formal attire–and by we I mean ‘them’.   I was still in my jeans.

This is up on the rooftop overlooking a lot of Hamilton.   Paul is from Scotland and besides lulling me with charming Braveheart-flavoured accent, (yes Braveheart could be a flavour…) he was telling me that Hamilton is a lot like his town near Glasgow–only “100x better”.    Good for Hamilton!

Look at that heel kick again, hey?

Congratulations Paul & Emily!  After meeting, working and laughing with you I am so looking forward to your lovely September wedding.  And all the kilts!

(Who am I kidding?   That’s why I agreed to take this wedding.  For all the kilts.)

And please leave a comment for me!


12 thoughts on “Emily & Paul :: ENGAGEMENT :: Hamilton, ON

  1. I have known Emily since we were 14, and I’d say these pictures capture the two of them perfectly. They are such a great couple, and they are going to have a beautiful wedding. You did an incredible job! :)

  2. I *think* I found your blog through Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, but I honestly cannot remember. I just wanted to leave a note to say that I think your photos and talent are really amazing. I love the style, the look, the light, everything. These set of pictures are just gorgeous. I’ll keep following your blog as I love seeing the new ones you post… :)

    • Hi Megan–yes you may have! I am affiliated with NILMDTS. Thank you so much for leaving such a kind message! I haven’t been blogging in MONTHS so I’ll be posting tons over the next few weeks and I look forward to hopefully hearing from you again.

  3. Where did you get that couch from!? I am doing my wedding photos here – and would love to get something like that!! Thanks : )

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