What a journey! Top Three here I come!

I made it to the Top Three in Chic Critique’s Photography Idol!

Wow.  I am so overwhelmed.   I’m not overwhelmed by my successes actually, it’s by the support that’s risen up around me.  It’s truly inspiring and humbling.

Here’s why:

-Yesterday over 40 of you shared my call for votes on Facebook.  Wow.

-When the contest first opened voting was Facebook-based and required that the voter ‘like’ the Chic Critique FB page.  That first day there were 10 entries and I saw Chic Critique’s ‘likes’ rise by 500 or so and I know for a fact that at LEAST 150 of those were votes for me.

-The other night when I got my bad critique I was pretty upset about it initially–but I wasn’t the only one.  I got tons of encouraging emails and texts from people I didn’t even know were following the contest!   And my sweet husband actually couldn’t sleep because he was so angry for me.

-Little communities of people online and in real-time have crowded around me in support–from all around the globe but especially in Hamilton!

-My Dad joined Facebook so he could vote for me.

-After I announced my advancement into the Top Three I received 38 emails in under 5 minutes.   Oh, and they were all from you congratulating me and wishing me well!

-The super cool shop in downtown Hamilton, White Elephant, has been there for me offering advice on styling and props as well as use of their amazing selection of vintage clothing, jewellery and accessories!

-The at least 2 executive directors of two large national & international corporations have voiced their support for me!  (And I’m only related to one of them…)

-My nieces and nephews think their aunt is kinda cool for once–I know because they texted me.

-The building and all the many tenants where I rent my studio have been behind me since day one–sending out emails on my behalf, posting on Facebook, offering use of the buildings and spaces etc!   (They’ve yet to offer paying my rent for the month…)

It hasn’t been all peaches and cream and warm feelings–it’s been tough and a challenge to my spirit & will everyday!   There are lots who have really disappointed me by not being there for me–it’s shown me who my real friends & supporters are.    And I don’t say that with any kind of  bitterness–it’s just been one more lesson I’ve learned through this process.   And golly have I learned a lot about myself, business, photography, working with models etc. in the last three weeks.

It’s a bit crazy…I feel like I’ve won so much already!

And on that note I want to THANK YOU again for all your support and cheering and sharing and voting and emails/texts/phone calls.   I wouldn’t be here without you all!


ps. the final assignment is due on Sunday night and then I don’t know how the format will rock n roll after that–but the winner will be announced on Sept 24th LIVE via webinar at 9-10pm.  I’ll share info once I get it.


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