I made it into the Top Five! Now go vote for me to get into the Top Three!!!

Well–part of my motto for this year was ‘Be Fearless.  Be Humble.  Keep Learning.’   
And I can say that this Chic Critique contest is really putting all of that to the test.

Most of you know I made it into the Top Five thanks to your votes last week!  THANK YOU!    This 2nd assignment wasn’t what I hoped it would be and consequently I have been humbled and am certainly learning!  My critique was a mix of love, like and serious dislike–it was a tough night considering I’d been at the head of the pack last week.

Voting has begun and we will be going from the Top Five to the Top Three–so two of us are “going home” in 24 hours.   I will freely admit the shot I submitted isn’t my best, and isn’t the best among the images from this week–yet I feel so strongly that I should be a part of the Top Three.   I know I have what it takes to ‘wow’ you again!

Please go vote for me now to keep me in the game!  I know, and I think a lot of you know, I can do this!  If anything go vote for the only Canadian who made it to the Top Five!  GO CANADA!


I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support and enthusiasm in these exciting/challenging days!   I can’t wait to announce to you all that I’m in the Top Three!

ps. Here’s a shot that I chose not to submit but I liked a lot—go here to see what I actually submitted!!!


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