Chic Critique’s Photography Idol Contest!

Yes I’m entering a contest.  I’ll be posting the full preview from this session this week–now that I’m back from vacation.

This is from Annie’s maternity shoot a couple weeks ago.   Annie’s an old pal of mine so she gave me permission to totally take over her shoot start to finish–taking inspiration from some words she gave me: ethereal, vintage, boho.

Once I had an idea in mind that I liked I scouted the location over about 2 days, designed and built the swing and designed and sewed the skirt as well as guiding Annie, the model, in hair & mu.  (Comments from Annie about my shoddy sewing job will not be approved.  It’s my machine…it’s a Kenmore after all.  Be kind.)

I was hoping for ‘ethereal’ golden sunlight to backlight my subject most of the time, but instead we got this moody sky and threatening rain–which, of course, in the end was an unexpected bonus.

Isn’t she the most ethereal/vintage/boho mama you’ve ever seen?  I loved this shoot so much–can’t wait to show you all the rest!  No, for realsies–possibly one of the best sessions of 2012….so far!

This image was posted in response to Chic Critique’s call for submissions for their ‘Photography Idol’ contest.    Chic Critique is THE elite resource for women who love photography (yes, they’re biased!). “Our mission: critique | confidence | community. We’re all about our Celebrity Photographers who encourage, inspire, teach, and critique our members…”

Thanks Chic Critique for the fun!  All the best to the other entrants.


5 thoughts on “Chic Critique’s Photography Idol Contest!

  1. Oh so fun!!! I feel so special and lucky! I knew if I let you do what you wanted the result would turn out better than anything I could have come up with.

    • Ya so fun! You ARE special and lucky and EVEN specialier and luckier now that we’ve made it into the TOP TEN! I just found out. My stomach is in knots waiting for the first assignment….yikes!

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