Bre & Josh’s Monstrous Teaser :: Norval & Hillsburgh Ontario :: GTA Wedding Photographer

Let me start off by saying yes, this teaser from Bre & Josh’s wedding is massive!   I just couldn’t help myself–there was too much goodness to cut out.  And you should see how many were cut!   I have a problem…

Anyway, this is Josh & Bre’s wedding from a couple weeks ago out in Noval & Hillsburgh (near Erin)–it was a gorgeous DIY country wedding held at Norval Presbyterian Church, home to the (very) late Lucy Maud Montgomery (authoress of such institutional Canadian classics as Anne of Green Gables), then it was off to Hillsburgh to the bride’s family home for lawn games, cocktails and eventually, the reception!

But let’s start with the gorgeous girls all getting ready–seriously, what a stunning wedding party!





(The above shot is for your Dad, Bre.   Tell him if he ever wants to get rid of another one I’d gladly take it off his hands…)



Next it was off to Norval where a moderately late ceremony kept the guests guessing (and sweating a little…).  But it was all worth it seeing Josh’s face as his bride walked down the aisle with a huge grin on her face.  Love that.


Did I mention is was hot in there?  Un petit peu…   But the guys looked equally hot and cool in their grey wool suits.


Yay!  They’re married!   And it’s cooler outside than inside–yay!

First stop–a glowing wheat field that was, until just hours before, blowing softly in the breeze.  What you can’t see is the huge red combine that I’ve strategically hidden behind Bre’s dress.   Too bad the field was harvested THAT morning, but still a gorgeous backdrop–I’m glad we chose to stick with the plan.


A few shots in the field and we were off to the 2nd last location–a friend’s property close to the reception in Hillsburgh.   This property really had it all–a pond, cool old out-buildings, lots of greenery and the perfect field for a pillow fight…

Thanks again to the owners who were SO accommodating and helpful before, during and after our shoot there.  We couldn’t have created these stunning shots without your hard work!




I love this group shot–I love the set up, I love the greenery creeping in at the sides, I love the upside down row boat, and I love their smiles most of all.   There were laughing at ME at the time, (and my fancy there’s-a-deerfly-up-my-skirt dance) but I’m willing to pay that price for genuine smiles.



Finally the part of the shoot we’d most been looking forward to (or I had, at least): the pillow fight!     I read Bre’s mind when she asked if we could set up a bed for part of the session–and later while I was daydreaming about their shoot I thought a pillow fight would be super fun–especially with the sun coming in behind them like that.  Ah…golden hour.

Thanks again to Bre’s friend (I forget your name!) who did the staging for us!


This is one of my favourite shots of the entire day–such contentment and love and playfulness.




We had to spend a little time pulling most of the feathers from between the layers of Bre’s dress–but as I said then: if you’re going to have anything trapped inside your dress, falling out during the evening…you want it to be feathers.    And it was so worth it.

The reception was held in the lovely backyard of the Stevenson’s–and I know it took a lot of hands and many hours to turn it into a reception venue, but wow, did it ever glow!   You all really thought of everything and I know all of your guests (and some of your vendors) really appreciated and admired your hard work and vision.




Even though it wasn’t technically dark enough for sparklers–it seemed fitting to try anyway seeing as Bre & Josh were going to make their getaway at the end of the evening through a shower of sparklers.  And since I wasn’t going to be there for their getaway I wanted to try and recreate it a little.

Finally–a little down time in a swing under a big ol’ tree.

You two were so much fun to work with–it really was a dream come true working with like-minded people who brought their own flair to the table while also wanting me to add my flair too!    And after all this editing I feel confident we achieved something really awesome.

Congratulations Bre & Josh!


5 thoughts on “Bre & Josh’s Monstrous Teaser :: Norval & Hillsburgh Ontario :: GTA Wedding Photographer

  1. I just got all teary looking at these… LOVE the photo of the Groom’s first look and LOVE the pillow fight although I think we should call it pillow loving.
    Great job as always Claire! Best wishes for many many years of happiness Bre and Josh!
    Charmed Events

  2. I’m not even sure where to begin! The photos are amazing. You have captured every detail of what looks like a perfect wedding. Love how the warmth of the wood plays against the grey tones in the first photos. The pillow fight is brilliant and adorable. Well, I could go on and on. You need to add some ‘Pin’ buttons to your posts, so I can get these on Pintrest! Miss ya babe:)

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