Ezra, the Little Scholar :: Hamilton Newborn Photographer

I’ve known this little man since he was just a grapefruit in the womb, feeling for his limbs and poking around for his head versus his butt–and even though he was a tiny bit of a surprise he certainly was meant to be here now.   His mama and I (and the entire contents of each of our families) have been family/friends for about 30 years now–so I’m often working with one or two or all 6 of them.   You can see their glowing family/maternity session at an abandoned Hamilton estate here!

Ezra did such a great job at sleeping during this in-studio session–babies always struggle a bit being in a new place with strange smells and sounds.    Maybe it was the lack of big brother x 2 and big sister that allowed this sleepy session…?

Seeing as this family is LIKE family to me, they get the benefit/awkwardness of me trying out new things during their sessions.  This time I tried a really bold striped pattern for some of the shots–what do you think?  Distracting or kinda cool?


Details, details!  Gotta love keeping record of all the littlest details that come and go so quickly at this age…


For the last part of the session we played around with some meaningful books and props to come up with these shots below.  Ezra was a little camera-shy at first…


Don’t you just hate it when you fall asleep while reading and you can’t manage take your glasses off until you roll over and *crunch*…your glasses mash into your face…?   Poor Ezra.

Congratulations, Gill & Ryan on the birth of your very timely little scholar!   For such a time as this.



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