Claire + Mark’s Sunny Ontario Wedding :: Toronto Wedding Photographer

Poor Claire and Mark–they had a heck of time having their engagement and wedding photography done!  On the day of their Ontario engagement session the weather was freezing cold and miserable :(   But we managed to get some really romantic and playful shots–see here.

Then their official wedding in Tofino, BC was rained out–heavily–all day!  Yet they came back with some really, REALLY stellar shots.   Then on the day of their Ontario wedding reception last weekend the weather was threatening but held-out and even gave us some really glorious golden sunshine at the end of our session together!

So, in conclusion, Claire and Mark look good no matter what.   They were such excellent clients in less than ideal circumstances–and you’ll see from their photos that rain or shine they make each photo glow.


We shot all of the family and B&G stuff at Adamson Estate in Mississauga.  Wow–what a gorgeous location!  It isn’t a secret that it’s gorgeous either–we were competing for spots with three other wedding parties!  But thankfully we were mostly on our own for most of our time there.   If you’re ever in the lakeshore area in Mississauga you must check out the Adamson Estate!   (Oh and be sure to investigate the Pet Cemetery there…creepy/adorbs.)

Finally we let poor Mark and Claire head back to their reception at the Hilton Double Tree Hotel in Mississauga where a huge 10-course feast awaiting them and their lucky guests!

And according to Chinese tradition–the couple made their way to each table to toast their guests–fortunately there were only 12 tables or so or else I would have had one drunk couple on my hands!

Finally we finished up with some classic sparkler and umbrella shots–I love shooting at night :)


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