Chris & Lee + two :: Hamilton Engagement Photographer

I’ve known Chris, aka Foster, for a LONG time–since I was 15! Foster and I even shared a house together with a few other friends down on Bay Street in the beloved Hammer.

So when he and his fiance, Lee, asked me to be their photographer I will thrilled to be a part of their new lives together!

Congrats you guys!

First stop at the Baltimore House on King Wm. in Hamilton–definitely a place you kids want to check out if you haven’t already.  By day a Hemingway-esque cafe and by night….a Hemingway-esque bar!  (The author of diuretics.)  There are even signs that encourage the patron to stay as long as they like and write!   Adorbs.

We didn’t write anything…but we did document the start of a new chapter in Lee & Chris’ life…aw….too much?

Lee & Chris told me that they loved winding down at the end of a long day teaching (they’re both teachers!) and lounging on the couch watching their favourite TV shows.   I love a good lighting challenge–so we played around with that concept a little.   I don’t think their mantel at home has ram skulls and angels perched on it, but you get the idea.

After a lovely visit at Baltimore House,  we met up again at Princess Point in Hamilton/Westdale.   There’s a lovely little spot here among the towering oak savannah (yes, it’s actually considered a savannah of oaks!) where we set up the little couch, brought out some special musical instruments and finally got to include the +2 pooches in the shoot!

Congratulations you four! 


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