The Van Noords Take La Salle :: Burlington & GTA Family Photography

If the Van Noord’s hadn’t had seven handsome and lovely kids I probably wouldn’t have met my husband.  Haha–that’s bold, hey?  But it was because Mark Van Noord, the 6th child and 2nd boy, thought the girls on the first floor were cute that we were invited up for dinner and I was introduced to Ken–the guy I ended up marrying about 14 months later!    So, thanks Mark!

Anyway–this family session has been a work in progress for about a year now–I’m sure you can imagine how hard it is to coordinate the schedules of 24 people from all over the globe!  Typically when I schedule a session I also schedule a rain-date–but in this case there just wasn’t one.  It had to be last Sunday or else.

Fortunately after about a year of emails back and forth we found a date and a location in Burlington (more specifically Aldershot).    We chose La Salle Park Pavilion because it was on the lake, had lovely grounds and most importantly provided shelter in case of rain.  And boy, am I glad we chose it!   Because it was raining on and off every 20 minutes or so we had to do half of our shooting in the pavilion and half outside under huge trees.

My assistant and I were so impressed by how well-behaved and sweet all the grandkids were, although the behaviour of the adults was questionable.  And even though I prepared everyone that the shoot would be chaos–that’s just how big family portraits rock ‘n’ roll–it was actually mostly fun and barely chaotic!  Good work everyone!

You all are really lovely people, individually and as a whole–and you all look spiffy in blue.


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