Not Just Skin Deep marathon sessions :: Hamilton Family Photographer :: Part One

A couple weeks ago we shot the first marathon of the year!  And it was to raise funds for melanoma awareness!  I had 5 families on-location in a park, all one after another for 20-minute sessions each–and it was really a lot of fun.  I was impressed (with myself?) by how many great shots are to be had in just 20-minutes!

As some of you may know, it’s been about 16 months since my husband Ken received the triumphant news that he had beaten a life-threatening diagnosis malignant melanoma!   So this project was/is very personal as well as fun for me.

There are too many photos to post so I’m going to post each session separately and in the order they were shot.

So let’s start with my dear old Winking pals–Josh and Esther!

So much jumping that day…it was awesome.

We lost some clothing–but these shoots are clothing optional, you know? (4 and under)…

You say you want more jumping?!?  OK!

(Sorry–don’t know why the watermark is on J’s face on the first shot…)

It was SO great to shoot with Esther and Josh and their little monkeys–we really started the day off with a bang…or a jump.


One thought on “Not Just Skin Deep marathon sessions :: Hamilton Family Photographer :: Part One

  1. AMAZING claire! you captured the essence and spirit of each of them so clearly and vibrantly!! i’m already the annoying aunti who takes out her phone to show off pics… but NOW… i have so much more reason too! these are incredible… thanks for sharing!

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