Claire + Mark :: Hamilton Beach :: Hamilton & Toronto Engagement & Wedding Photography

I had never even met Claire or Mark when they arrived for their engagement session on the beach–on a really chilly Saturday afternoon too!  So I never know how these things will go having never met the couple–but they were so relaxed and easy-going and in-love that they made my job really easy.

Claire and Mark love camping and canoeing, but since we were shooting on Lake Ontario and it was kind of a miserable day we opted out of bringing along an actual canoe and settled for canoe accessories instead.  (The paddles turned out to be my brother-in-laws that he had been looking for for almost a year and he recognized in the preview shots after I posted them on Facebook…oops!)

My handy-dandy little tent I constructed last year was such a blessing for everyone (except me) against the cool air and wind off the lake.  Even though it’s completely open and just covered with a few layers of fabric I hear it’s quite cozy in there.  Christina, my assistant, even took refuge in the tent between takes.

The pink accessories were meant to be–I was hesitant about bringing PINK to an engagement session, but then Claire serendipitously showed up with a gorgeous bouquet of pink ranunculus!  I love it when stuff like that happens.

In the end the rain held off, the colours all matched and Claire and Mark managed to keep warm…kinda.

Congratulations you two–and can’t wait to see your wedding photos from Tofino!



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