Saiyaa’s 18th Month! :: Burlington & Oakville Family Photographer

Saiyaa was in top-form for her 18-month shoot last week!  She’s gotten pretty used to the routine by now and is at the age where she’s able to enjoy the process (and the attention!) a bit more.

This time little S. was really mobile–wanting to walk around and look at the ‘ducks’.  But she was so cooperative with us adults posing her with each person and even dressing her up like a cute little sailor!   We also taught her a new game–being swung between her parents…which her parents might not be too thankful for anymore.  I have a feeling she’ll be hard to walk with for a while…

Unfortunately all the gorgeous sailboats that usually dock at the Bronte Outer Harbour Marina in Oakville hadn’t been launched yet–but with the sparkles on the water and all the docks in the background, you still get that nautical theme we were reaching for.

Since the family is taking off for Australia in a couple days, for her 2-year shoot we’ll have to dress her up like a kangaroo or something …or maybe a surfer?

See you in 6 months Sai!


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