JD + Jessica :: Hamilton & Niagara Wedding Photography

Yay!  Finally the blog post for JD & Jessica’s happy wedding day!

The entire week before the wedding the weather had been shockingly lovely–I personally found it creepy how warm it was, but I think I’m the only one–yet come Saturday, poor Jessica and JD had to endure a pretty bitterly cold afternoon.  Thankfully it was very sunny, so that kept us warm while we shot outside…except when I posed them in the shade.  I’m such a jerk.

1st CRC on Hess and Charleton was completely packed as Jessica walked down the aisle to a heavenly string quartet and met JD at the end with lots of grins.  (My personal favourite way to be at the end of the aisle, by the way.)

JD signs the marriage license as a candle in memory of his mother burns in the foreground.

After family photos there was an incident involving a firmly planted foot and Jessica’s train.  Fortunately women are industrious and it wasn’t long before the significant rip was being mended and Jessica was able to grab a drink and snack.

Then we make the short trip to Melrose United Church on Locke St. for some wedding party photos and bride & groom shots.   So thankful that my assistant Jeremy was able to join me–because even though the sun warmed us up, it also cast some nasty harsh light.  Poor Jeremy spent most of the time on a ladder with a gigantic diffuser blocking the sun.  Everyone needs a Jeremy.

What an elegant wedding party, hey?   Despite the chills this group held it together and their patience and cooperation paid off in a lot of great shots.

After a drive to from Hamilton to Copetown, we all warmed up a bit and were able to give a little more outside.  I had scouted out this beautiful old bridge in Copetown and knew from many other shoots in that area that we’d undoubtedly get catch some trains in our shots.  We also caught the golden glow of the sun bouncing off the rails–it was pretty spectacular.

Congratulations JD & Jessica!   You were patient in love and patient in picture-taking–and the fruit of that patience cannot be valued.


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