Amy & Harry :: Hart House Wedding : Toronto Wedding Photographer

Well, the day a lot of people have been waiting a life-time for finally arrived yesterday!  One of the only girls in a lineage of mostly boys tied the knot in an intimate and romantic ceremony much to the delight of the generations before and after who rarely have to ‘give a daughter away’.

Amy & Harry didn’t exactly say ‘I do’ in their traditional Greek ceremony, at least out loud, but their grins and eagerness to hold hands said it for them.

It was such a pleasure be a part of Amy & Harry’s wedding–it was thoughtfully simple, intimate and elegant.  Amy’s non-traditional soft-pink dress was definitely a highlight of the day–meeting somewhere between antique romance and modern elegance.   And her inclusion of mementos, family heirlooms and photographs was a special touch that successfully included those who had passed–recently and a long time ago–but who had a part in Amy & Harry’s lives and hearts.

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Congratulations you two!


5 thoughts on “Amy & Harry :: Hart House Wedding : Toronto Wedding Photographer

  1. Claire, I can’t stop looking at the above photos of Amy & Harry.’s special wedding day. You captured the happiness, love and magic!! Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Linda B. (Amy’s mom)

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