Baby Sarah :: Hamilton Infant Photography

Oh Sarah—I finally got to meet this delightful little suitcase-dweller after way too many months of NOT meeting her.   I can’t say that Sarah is directly related to me, as nice as that would be, but her aunt is my sister.  So…therefore I claim familial rights to her cuteness!

I’ve known her mother, Jenn, for about 25 years now and count her among one of my ‘sisters’–so it was un petite pue torturous when I had to wait all these months to even meet Sarah–since Jenn and her family live up North.  Like, waaaaay up North.  Not cottage country North, not even Sudbury North…in fact, when you hit Sudbury, you’re half way.  Yes, I mean North.

Anyway, I hope you grasp that they live North.   And I hadn’t met Sarah yet because every time Jenn would come to visit I’d be away, or shooting a wedding somewhere out of town or something.  GAH!  The agony!    But all was made well once I got to see them all and have this really fun shoot!  Sarah is at that perfect age that’s AMAZING for photos–she isn’t mobile yet, but she can mostly sit up on her own, she’s responsive to her name and can be made to laugh and smile.  So, it’s great for me!

We even got to spend some time together, Sarah & I, after the shoot, just hanging out on the shag rug in the studio.   I love these shots from her shoot, but probably my favourite time with Sarah was making her really, really laugh as I tickled her and pretended to eat her curious fingers that kept finding their way into my mouth.  Nom, nom, nom…   Ah, my job.  It’s OK.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Congratulations Jenn, Chris & Noah!

Also–you can check out Jenn’s maternity shots here!


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