Baby Elijah :: Hamilton Newborn Photographer

You wouldn’t know it to look at these shots, but we had our work cut out for us getting little Elijah to settle.   Poor little guy was born just before Christmas and was rebelling against being touched, or moved ever again by anyone but mommy!

This is just so typical for newborn shoots–they’re in a strange place and everyone around them is acting weird and taking their clothes off and putting little German Alpine hats on them…it’s just too bad we didn’t get a chance to put the Blue Jays hat on him too.  Next time!

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Stefanie and Phil for a while now!  We shot their engagements & wedding in 2010 here in Hamilton/Ancaster.  Then Stefanie and I worked together just recently on the new look of Claire Dam Photography–as she is a very talented and hard working (and patient!) designer!   Next thing I knew they’d had a little boy right before Christmas!  It’s been a real joy being a part of these important milestones in this young family–and I’m looking forward to what’s going to happen next in the coming years.

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Congratulations Stef & Phil!  You make cute babies!

Also, you can view Stef & Phil’s gorgeous Tamahac Club wedding preview here.


4 thoughts on “Baby Elijah :: Hamilton Newborn Photographer

  1. Thank you Claire for taking such beautiful pictures of Elijah. From what I understand he’s not a lover of the camera like his mom is! She was pretty disappointed he couldn’t use all the props but obviously he didn’t need any! You’re quite a gifted photographer and we wish you continued success!

  2. Great pics even though you had a fussy one on your hands :) Everyone I show just LOVES them…they are literally in AWWWWWWW…

    You did an AMAZING job with Stef&Phil’s Wedding pics as well!
    congratulations on everything!

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