The Joneses take Hamilton :: Hamilton Family Photography

Whoa–I’m reeeeeally behind in my blogging.  I know there are a few lurkers out there who are getting annoyed seeing ‘Jodi & Marc’ engagement photos as the most recent blog in weeks.  RB, you know who you are–and you’ll really like this post!

So the Joneses are a lot of things: a big family, a young family, a cool family, of British Isles heritage, AND they’re my family!   So even though I was more or less DYING of the flu the day we were scheduled to shoot, I knew they wouldn’t mind my 4 layers of sweaters/sudden outbursts of sweating.  (Ew.  And I might not have been dying…)   We still had a phenomenal shoot–and the resulting feedback was almost overwhelming.  Not sure if it’s because the Joneses are so popular or because I’m so awesome.   Perhaps it’s both.

Sadly, one family member wasn’t able to make it–Scout the dog.   But I’m hoping to get him into the studio sometime soon for his very own shoot :)  Of course.

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2 thoughts on “The Joneses take Hamilton :: Hamilton Family Photography

  1. Hey Claire! For some reason you popped into my head today so I thought I’d look you up in hopes of finding some family pics. Lucky me! Is it possible that Catherine is somehow reverse aging? She looks amaing! The whole family does, actually. The photos of little Sarah and Jen’s maternity pics are all wonderful too. Beautiful work, as usual.

    • Hey Laura!
      Thanks so much! Yeah–I guess there are a bunch of shoots with your family in them, eh? I know–all these beautiful ladies–they make my job really easy :) Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to write. Hope to see you around these parts again one day!

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