700 Club Canada: Hamilton Head Shot Photographer

A few weeks ago I was called into the CHCH studios in Hamilton to take some promo shots of the co-hosts for the new 700 Club Canada!    You might be familiar with the 700 Club broadcasting from the US–but soon there will be a Canadian version premiering Oct 3rd across Canada.

Select images we got that day will be used in the opener of each show, on the website and in promotional material.  It was such a fun opportunity to meet some terrific new folks and shoot in a new genre.  It will be interesting to see what doors might be opened through this experience!

“The 700 Club Canada is a magazine style program that that blends a modern mix of international news, informative interviews, inspiring stories of how God is moving in the lives of everyday people in Canada, Bible teaching, and lifestyle segments such as wellness segments and financial tips.

The new series will be written and produced in Hamilton, ON and hosted by Canadian personalities Brian Warren and Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson.
Brian Warren, a former CFL All Pro linebacker, is a two time Grey Cup Champion and an ordained minister with the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Warren is also the CEO of Canada in Prayer, the first national Internet- based prayer network.

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson brings her 12 years of experience as a nationally known television show host to The 700 Club Canada.  As the daughter of missionary parents in Uganda, Laura-Lynn is passionate about reaching people with the message of Jesus Christ. An experienced TV interviewer, Thompson has profiled personalities from both the world of pop culture, as well as men and women of faith for the popular TV program, Biography Canada. “    http://www.700club.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=150

And a big thanks goes out to Todd, Tore, Mike and the TMG Inc. crew for patiently and kindly working with me, and for thinking of me in the first place!   I’d be delighted to shoot for you again someday.


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