Maeghan & Reg: University of Toronto Wedding Photographer

Maeghan & Reg were late additions to my 2011 wedding season—snagging my skillz just weeks before their September wedding date!  Unfortunately we weren’t able to do engagements before Sept 17th, but the three of us ended up working really well together (no surprise really–they were super cool and I pretend to be cool.)

The ceremony was in Trinity College at the University of Toronto, and wow, that place is incredible.  There were some very specific house rules that complicated things, but in the end it work out really well thanks to my trusty 2nd photog Jennifer Newberry!   We shot around the U of T site, then across the street to Queen’s Park, finally grabbing a cab to find a lime green door the bride had stumbled upon weeks earlier…which turned out to be a white door.  No one said you had to be with colours to be a gorgeous bride.

Congratulations Maeghan & Reg!

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