The Hagens: Hamilton Family Photographer

Being able to work with the Hagen’s was dreamy–it’s such a treat for a photographer when clients take a real interest in the process and put in a lot of thought and effort into the vision.  Josalyn was so awesome with choosing wardrobe for this family portrait, and even volunteering her couch AND husband Ger towards creating some really lovely shots.

Thankfully, the kids really loved Monkey, my one-eared assistant, as you can tell from some of the shots where Monkey’s antics were just too much for them to handle.   Sometimes it’s hit and miss with Monkey–he can rub people the wrong way I guess.  He gets kind of defensive about his missing ear.

Anyway!  Thanks for being such a model family, Hagens!  I’ll be in touch with Ger the next time I need a couch moved.

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