Nadia & Eric: Brampton Wedding Photographer

As a photographer, and as a former bride, I really, re-heally, dislike it when my poor Bride & Groom have wedding photos put on Facebook by guests before the wedding is even over!  There are two things I’m trying to implement to deter this kind of activity: the first being to encourage guests to just ‘be present’ at weddings.  Put down the camera and actually witness the exchange of vows, be present to this extraordinary ode to love.   That’s why people are invited to weddings–to be witnesses.  But instead guests are frantic to get ‘the’ shot– Relax!  I’ve got it taken care of!   It’s my job after all.

The second thing I’m implementing is the delayed wedding preview.   Unless I have 24-48 hours after a wedding to put a preview together before the Bride & Groom leave on their honeymoon, I’m starting, with Nadia & Eric, to post their preview once they return home!  That way they get to be the first people to lay eyes on their professional wedding photos before the rest of the planet becomes familiarized with them as well. 

Anyway!  Nadia & Eric were a really fun couple to work with–and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they chose one of the ‘funnest’ photos from their engagement session as the photo guests could sign.  And click here to see their entire engagement preview.

It really was an honour being a part of your special day guys–there was so much love and joy surrounding and supporting you as you started this new chapter.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*Be sure to check out Jennifer Newberry’s preview from her point of view!


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