Kate + Craig :: Hamilton Wedding Photography

What a gorgeous day on Saturday out in Old Dundas!  The location, the atmosphere, the decor, the sunshine and the newlyweds–so simple and yet so elegant!

It’s always a pleasure working with wedding planners–saves me the trouble of turning into the wedding planner AND photographer.  A big shout out to Hanna Sinclair from Belle Soiree Weddings (905) 979-1031 for doing such a fabulous job and being so chill all day!  Although I remember her telling me to ‘Run!’ a few times.

The intimate ceremony and reception were held at a friend’s house (eh, hem…estate?) in Greensville, Ontario–pretty much Dundas, ON.  Kate was driven down the long laneway in a vintage car belonging to the owner of the property–although don’t ask me what kind of car it was.   It was maroon.

With the front of the colonial house as the backdrop, Kate & Craig held a quick 10-minute ceremony witnessed by family and friends–some standing in the sunshine, some sitting on chairs or on blankets on the grass.

We had a hoot doing the family photos–know I understand where Kate & Craig get their awesome sense of humour.    And even though we were batting about 50% getting the nieces and nephews to cooperate, Kate managed to handle the chaos with humour and grace.

After the family photos we dashed away to the abandoned old grist mill in Crooks Hallow, Dundas, which, as luck would have it, was just seconds away.   Sadly, that is as far as Lady Luck was going to take us–we were only at the mill for a few minutes before a group of homeless teens showed up, sleeping bags, matches and beer in hand, ready for a wild night.

So we grabbed a few shots then had to take off…because it was weird.

Having not had the opportunity to work with Kate and Craig previously, I was happy to find we all worked together seamlessly and had a lot of fun.   And I was especially happy to do some ‘Awkward Family Photo’ genre shots at the couples’ request.  Oh happy day!  ( Can’t go wrong with peaking around a tree trunk, am I right?)



The ceremony was held in a large tent on the back lawn of the estate–close to the bustling chicken coop (until sundown, of course, when they went to roost), and near the barn that had been turned into a caterers kitchen for the evening.   It was a perfect marriage of the charm & simplicity of the country with the elegance of modern living.   Even the port-o-potty was elegant…and air-conditioned!

Just as the sun was about to set I grabbed Kate & Craig for a few more shots and they’re some of my favourites.  The dinner had begun, the pressures of the day were almost at an end and we were able to relax a little.

Congratulations Kate & Craig!


2 thoughts on “Kate + Craig :: Hamilton Wedding Photography

    • Thank you Jessi! Yeah, the bride was such an old-hollywood knockout! So elegant, but she had an awesome playful side too.

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