Who doesn’t go to the park for martinis and cards?

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A friend on facebook showed me a site where they make fun of engagement photos–the site is called ‘what? we do this all the time!’    And it’s funny…because it’s true.  Sometimes the activities we do on photo shoots are kinda ridiculous, but there’s a purpose–I promise!

For me it’s a way to get the couple to relax and most importantly, laugh naturally.   And all the activities are interests the couple has–so it’s legit…for the most part.  The martinis and card playing is genuine interests for Eric and Nadia, but don’t worry they don’t usually drink and gamble in public parks in the afternoon.

Nadia and Eric were super cooperative and such troopers as I put them through the hoops at Chinguacouy Park in Brampton.   And I think we might have forced Eric to never show his face at the football field ever again.  Something about looking like a dork around the jocks…?   Valid but we got some fun shots and a lot of smoldering shots with Nadia’s piercing eyes!

Anyway, it was a fun afternoon and I enjoyed learning about Chinguacouy Park–if you haven’t been and you’re near Brampton it’s a great place to spend the day with the kids and even the grown-up kids!

Congratulations Nadia & Eric!   See you in August!


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