Gratulacje, Kristine & Derek!

Kumasta!  Ako si Claire.  Ano pangalan mo?

Sadly, I was too preoccupied with shooting to impress Filipino wedding guests with my tagalog.   Specifically my mastery of tagalog greetings and giving taxi drivers directions.  Kaliwah dito!  Salamat, Kuya.

Once again the weather reports for Kristine & Derek’s wedding day gave us all a scare (and maybe a heart attack), but I assured them that predictions would most certainly change by the time Friday rolled around.  Thankfully I was right, this time.

The bride looked gorgeous and the groom looked a little anxious…as he should.  But it turned out to be a really lovely day–even with some full on sun breaking through.   And it sure was nice working on a Friday and having my weekend free!   All the venues and locations were gorgeous and bright and I know that the mixed bag of Filipino and Polish guests really enjoyed the day.

Congratulations Kristine & Derek!

Salamat po!

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