Nothing says romance like ketchup & boardgames…

Finally got to shoot the engagement photos for Mike & Kim yesterday–rain or no rain we were going to do engagement photos and they were going to rock, damnit.

With much help from the wedding planner, Tiffany Ewing, we got into Hamilton’s fabulous little Harbour Diner,  near the bay front, then made our way to Sam Lawrence Park where all the trees were in various states of blooming and we had a fantastic view of Hamilton all the way to Toronto!  It was really lovely.

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Congratulations Kim & Mike!  See you in September!


6 thoughts on “Nothing says romance like ketchup & boardgames…

  1. Claire, have I told you lately that I love you?
    You’ve done it again – such an amazing job!
    You have really captured the love and spirit of this fabulous couple.
    A million thank yous and I can’t wait you to do it all over again for their big day!

  2. Wow…what beautiful and fun pictures!! Thanks so much for showing the love and respect that my son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law have for each other. I can’t wait until their big day!!

    A proud Mom:)

  3. Great pictures, beautiful couple, bound to have a wonderful and blessed life. Best wishes.

    Gillian Daly & Family (Aunt)

    • More North Bayfront area…but yeah, I guess technically downtown. It’s on James N close to the bay front. It’s super cute and serves up some amazing, fresh, creative dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And no, I’m not a Harbour Diner spokesperson…yet.

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